Dal Segno in Dalliance
by Loss Pequeño Glazier

Leaves his hat the way Texas
always lights up the corner
some new place semblance of where
"statement of truth" à la North Beach
even a smoking section permutes
table chartreuse limed in green

Customers don't want union reps
interfering with their illusions
inside the stuffed crab.

Changes glasses
struggle for semblance
not published
in "order of books"-

just write out the slip
and leave it where you happen
to have dined.

The way he talked about picking up bits
and pieces from places. Cite
lines look in sulfur to ftp
predominance of image level
designed employees, corporeal borrowers
program (crescendos held) click.

So in THAT sense the devices of the
sentence (lines) become less enjambed,
suspended (baroque flourish) as something gives way (yonder) in Week 2 with revisions

because that is the FACT
or how the fact is organized
in limitless speech with, i.e.,

street lamp shadows and if the book
HAS an introduction then why not
sit right down and read it?

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