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Contributors' Notes

Joe Balaz lives in Ka'a'awa on O'ahu. The poem "Namoku'eha" was first presented to an audience at the Pacific Writers Forum which was held at the EastWest Center in September, 1994.

Charles Bernstein published Dark City (Sun & Moon) in 1994. He is the David Gray Professor of Poetics at SUNYBuffalo.

Steve Bradbury recently translated seven prison poems by Ho Chi Minh, which appeared in Manoa. He lives on O'ahu.

Jonathan Brannen publishes Standing Stones Press in Minnesota; he has recent chapbooks from Meow Press (Buffalo) and Texture Press (Oklahoma).

Don Brunn lives in San Francisco.

Mary Burger lives in San Francisco and coedits Proliferation, a journal of new writing and art.

Eric Chock founded Poets in the Schools. He is the author of Small Kid Time and Last Days Here (Bamboo Ridge Press) and is currently the Visiting Distinguished Writer in the English Department at the University of Hawai'i.

Leslie Davis is currently completing an MFA in Poetics from New College of California.

Murray Edmond lives in Auckland, and currently teaches drama & poetry at the University of Auckland. He has published six books of poetry and edited an anthology, The New Poets, with Mary Paul. He writes: "Michael Joseph Savage was the first Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand (193539) and is buried on a headland in Auckland Harbour known as Bastion Point (or sometimes 'Boot Hill' in the local dialect)."

R.M. Ernest lives in New Hampshire and has worked in Special Collections at the University of New Hampshire library since quitting her job at Foster's Daily Democrat.

Alison Georgeson's work has appeared in numerous Australian literary journals and in texture and Vortext in the U.S. She teaches creative writing in Perth, Western Australia, and is coeditor of poetry for Southern Review.

Richard Hamasaki lived from 1952 to ___?

Hank Lazer's two volumes of essays, Opposing Poetries, will be published this year by Northwestern. His book of poems, Three of Ten will be published by Chax Press. The poems in this issue are part of a cycle composed during a year and one day. He teaches at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Carolyn Leilanilau was born in Hawai'i and lives in California. She is the author of Wode Shuofa (My Way of Speaking), which won an American Book Award for Poetry. Her poem "Kolohe or Communication" was selected to be in The Best American Poetry 1996.

Sean MacBeth edits Hawai‘i Review.

Sheila E. Murphy lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the author of A Clove of Gender (Stride Press, England) and many other books of poetry.

Tony Quagliano's article, "The Present State of American Poetry," is in New York Quarterly #47, and his article, "Letter from Honolulu," is in Harvard Review #9. He is editor of Kaimana, the magazine of the Hawai'i Literary Arts Council.

Stephen Ratcliffe's recent books include Present Tense (The Figures, 1995), spaces in the light said to be where one/ comes from (Potes & Poets, 1992), Selected Letters (Zasterle, 1992). He teaches at Mills College in Oakland, California.

red flea's forthcoming recording of amplified poetry is "Virtual Fleality," and his work can be found in Folio 94. He lives in your locale somewhere between your starched collar and your hairy and/or downy ankles.

Joan Retallack's Errata 5uite was picked by Robert Creeley for the 1994 Columbia Book Award. Her most recent books are AFTERRIMAGES (poetry) and a book of her conversations with John Cage; both are from Wesleyan University Press. She lives in the Washington DC area.

Laura Ruby recently exhibited her "Nancy Drew Series" of prints and an installation sculpture at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Her prints and sculptures have been exhibited from New York and Los Angeles to Osaka, Sapporo and Tokyo.

Carolyn Steinhoff Smith's latest chapbook, Plain English, was published recently by Texture Press. She lives in Oklahoma.

Chris Stroffolino is the author of Oops (Pavement Saw, 1994) and Cusps (Aerial/Edge, 1995). He is a doctoral student at SUNYAlbany, New York, where he is writing his thesis on the poetry of Laura Riding.

Terese Svoboda lives in New York City. Her most recent book of poems is Mere Mortals (University of Georgia).

Mark Wallace edits Situation and lives in Washington, DC. His most recent chapbook, Everyday is the Rest of My Time, was published by Texture Press.

Zhou Yaping was one of the founding members of the Original poets group. He lives in Suzhou where he works as a freelance writer. A substantial selection of translated work by Zhou and other Original poets can be found in a special issue of Parataxis #7 (Brighton, England 1995). Jeff Twitchell currently teaches at National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan.