Contributors' Notes (TINFISH #3) Contributors' Notes
Nathan Kageyama is a recent graduate of the University of 
Hawai'i.  "Stay Come" can also be found at the world wide web's "slam 
central": * red flea's 
cd of poetry and music, "Virtual Fleality," will be available soon. The 
chapbook will be published by Tinfish Net\work * Malia 
Pangilinan is a student at UH * Kapulani lives in 
Pu'ahu'ula, Hawai'i * Susan M. Schultz has recent 
work in New American Writing.  Her first full-length book of poems, 
Aleatory Allegories, is due out next year from Folio/Salt (Australia) 
* Rob Wilson edited Global/Local, published by Duke 
UP; his Reimagining the American Pacific: From "South Pacific" to Bamboo 
Ridge is forthcoming from the same press * John 
Kinsella's recent books include Selected Poems (Arc, England) and 
The Silo (Freemantle Arts Press, Australia) * Carolyn Lei-
lanilau's book of creative nonfiction, Maloko Pu'uwai E Laka (Within 
Laka's Heart), is forthcoming from the University of Wisconsin Press 
* Adam Aitken's new book, In One House, will be 
published by Angus and Robertson; he lives in Sydney *  
Tony Quagliano has recent work in Harvard Review and edits 
Kaimana * Pam Brown's many books include This 
World/This Place from the University of Queensland Press.  R. Mutt was 
the name Marcel Duchamp used to sign his famous urinal. * 
Liz Waldner almost moved to Hawai'i and is author of Memo 
(La)mento (Texture Press) * Janet Bowdan teaches at 
Western New England College and publishes both poetry and criticism 
* Range poets include Thomas Bell, cris cheek, Maria 
Damon, Jordan Davis, Jorge Guitart, Lisa Samuels, Chris Sheil, Rod 
Smith, and Gabrielle Welford--ranging from psychologist to academic to 
poet worker from Hawai'i to the UK.  The customary procedure 
(sometimes unfollowed) is to add one line to the beginning or end of the 
existing poetry "thread" over e-mail.  A poem can be declared ended by 
any member of the group, many of whom have never met in real time 
* Graham Foust edits Phoebe in Virginia * 
Connie Deanovich edits B City in Chicago * Faye 
Kicknosway is at Katz on 16th Street, eating a pumpernickel bagel 
and reading THE BAY GUARDIAN * MTC Cronin 
works as a researcher in the field of feminist legal theory in the Faculty of 
Law at the University of New South Wales * John 
Olson lives in Seattle and has recent poems in New American Writing 
and elsewhere * Che Qian-zi is from Suzhou, while his 
translator, Jeffrey Twitchell, teaches at National Chung Cheng University 
in Taiwan * Joe Balaz lives in Ka'a'awa on O'ahu and 
is a frequent contributor to Tinfish; his chapbook Ola is forthcoming from 
Tinfish Net\work; of his poem in this issue he writes, ""'Elua Pololia" 
(Two Jellyfish) portrays the interaction of the maoli (Indigenous) and haole 
(foreign, Caucasian) cultures in Hawai'i.  The word hapa (half) creates 
tentacles between the two, signifying exchange of ideas and influences" 
* Mark Peters has embarked on his Master's at 
Indiana State and works as a counselor to disabled and disadvantaged 
children during the summers * Stephanie Strickland's 
True North is forthcoming from the University of Notre Dame Press 
* Duoduo was born in Beijing in 1951.  Considered a 
"misty" school poet by the party regime, he was for a long time a 
marginalized figure in his own country which he left after Tianamin.  He is 
widely published around the world; his translator, Gregory B. Lee, is a 
Lecturer in Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong and 
author of Troubadours, Trumpeters, Troubled Makers: Lyricism, Nationalism 
and Hybridity in China and Its Others (Duke) * Bret 
Bajema graduated from UH * Ron Silliman's 
21st book, Xing, was published recently by Meow Press in Buffalo; 
Drogue Press will bring out  R  shortly.  YOU is part of a longer work 
called Alphabet * Mark Wallace is editor of Situations 
and author of five new books being published this year * 
Sean MacBeth (cover design) graduated from UH where he 
edited Hawai'i Review.

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