TapRoot Reviews Electronic Edition (TRee):


TRee provides capsule reviews of thousands of independant alternative language arts publications: poetry, fiction, visual-literature, audio art, and intermedia. These reviews were originally published in the paper version of TAPROOT REVIEWS, which contains additional reviews and feature articles. Both TapRoot Reviews and TRee are published by Burning Press.

The Reviews in TRee are divided into two sections: Zines (serial publications) and Chaps (chapbooks, books, and anthologies). Zines are indexed by title, and then by issue number; Chaps are indexed by author's last name.

The paper version of Taproot Reviews contains a variety of additional feature articles on specific writers, publishers and aesthetic directions, in addition to the short reviews reprinted in TRee. A special feature in issue #9/10 focused on publications available via the Internet; that feature (with links to the reviewed resources) is now available here.

The EPC is also the home of the ASCII version of TRee: plain textfiles that contain all the short reviews (but not the feature articles) of the paper. They are divided by issue, with separate files for the zines and chapbooks. The files are Big.

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