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We Press We Magazine

EDITORS: Past and present editors include Chris Funkhouser, Belle Gironda, Ben Henry, Katie Yates (Albany); Angela Coon, Eric Curkendall (Bay Area); Jay Curkendall, Roddy Potter (New York City); Stephen Cope, James Garrison, Greg Keith (Santa Cruz)

Address:We Press, Post Office Box 1503, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Format: Paper/Audiocassette/CD/Video issues available
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Chapbook Series
Angela B. Coon We
David Cope Coming Home
Stephen Cope to be alone is all there is...
Andy Clausen 4 from Pozor Buddha
Charlie Mehrhoff Apocalyptic Spurs
H.D. Moe Correctionism
Roderick Potter Garsh
Steven Taylor Fragments
Michael Weaver Poems 1991
Norene Weisen The Cheerleader Principle

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