We Press "catalog" 1994

Thank you for your interest in We Press.

We has been publishing in varied media formats since 1986.
Operating on little (and sometimes less than little) budget,
We has managed to produce 18 Issues of We Magazine, a large
number of chapbooks, books, broadsides, posters, cassettes,
a video and Descriptions of an Imaginary Univercity.
We operates out of Santa Cruz, California (home office) and Albany,
New York (nodal extension, poetry@cnsvax.albany.edu). The editorial base
currently consists of Chris Funkhouser, Stephen Cope, and acts of creative
and administrative help from a number of roving editors, advisors,
participants, poets, musicians, and free-form informative nomads of all

Subscriptions: $15.00/ 3 issues. Sample package: $5.00.

All prices include domestic postage and handling. All orders shipped U.S. Mail Fourth Class unless otherwise specified. Add $2.00 for Priority Mail and $5.00 UPS. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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Issue 1-9 (various print) $2.00 Issue 10 (silkscreen) $3.00 Issue 11 (cassette) $6.00 Issue 12 (silkscreen) $3.00 Issue 13 (silkscreen) $2.00 Issue 14 (Compact Disc) $8.00 Issue 15 (cassette) $5.00 Issue 18 (video) $15.00

We Press:

Address all orders/ correspondence to: We Press Post Office Box 1503 Santa Cruz, CA 95061 (408) 427-9711 POETRY@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU
WE MAGAZINE ISSUE 14: CD featuring: Francisco X. Alarcon (with the Rhythmagics), Elisabeth Belile, Andy Clausen (with thelemonade), Angela Coon, Eric Curkendall, Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Eskimo, Jean Gier/ Sybl Glebow, Richard Loranger, Tory Miller, H.D. Moe (with thelemonade), Monks of Doom, Morton Marcus, Victoria Stone, Michael Weaver, and Richie West. $8.00 by mail
WE MAGAZINE ISSUE 15: Cassette featuring: Allen Ginsberg, Monks of Doom, Jean Gier/ Sybl Glebow, Anne Waldman, Andy Clausen (w/ thelemonade), Nathaniel Mackey, Victoria Stone, William Everson, Trudy Morse (w/ Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensemble), Francisco X. Alarcon w/Elba Sanchez, Wanda Phipps, Lee Ann Brown, Steven Taylor, Richard Loranger, Victor Hernandez Cruz, H.D. Moe, Steve Benson w/ THE SPLATTER TRIO, Roddy Potter, Katie Yates, Eric Curkendall, Tory Miller, Richie West, Marc Olmsted/Gary Schwantes. $5.00 by mail!
WE MAGAZINE ISSUE 17: Published on the Internet, April 1993. Contributors include: Don Byrd, Lee Ann Brown, Robert Kelly, Katie Yates, Pierre Joris, Belle Gironda, numerous others.
WE MAGAZINE ISSUE 18: Video featuring: Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Will Alexander, Sybl Glebow, Richard Loranger, Sun Ra Poems read by Trudy Morse w/the Eddie Gale Quintet and thelemonade, Greg Keith, Richie West, Jean Gier/ Sybl Glebow, Bloodtest, H.D. Moe. 100 minutes, VHS. $15.00 by mail
WILLIAM EVERSON: POEMS 1992: Five poems read by the poet at Kingfisher Flat: A Canticle for the Waterbirds, Cutting the Firebreak, Spike Horn, Bride of the Bear (partial), The High Embrace. Released as a benefit for the author before his death. Collector's Item. $10.00 by mail.
FRANCISCO X. ALARCON: LOMA PRIETA: Our most popular title. Poems written after and for the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake by critically acclaimed poet/ teacher. $3.00 by mail.
DESCRIPTIONS OF AN IMAGINARY UNIVERSE Initialized or pseudonymed poetry related discussions. Circulated weekly on Internet beginning July 4, 1994.

Post Office Box 1503
Santa Cruz, CA 95061