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Latest addition to the archive: Witz 5.1

Witz: A Journal of Contemporary Poetics

EDITOR: Christopher Reiner
Address: P.O. Box 40012, Studio City, CA 91614
Format: Print subscriptions/electronic archive. New issues released first to print subscribers

* Please Note: Current issues are first issued through print subscription. The Witz Archive
contains full ASCII text versions of back issues. Some back issues are also available in print.
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Current Issues (Print only)
Witz 6.1
Spring 1998. Thomas Epstein on the poetry of Ivan Zhdanov, Paul Vangelisti on "Constructing Beauty," Gilbert Alter-Gilbert on literary portraits in the movies, William Marsh reviews Heather Fuller's "perhaps this is a rescue fantasy," and Jacques Debrot reviews "Credence" by Dennis Phillips.
Witz 5.3
(Fall 1997) Henry Gould on "The Sense of Being Right," Guy Bennett on Brazilian poetry, Mark DuCharme on Joe Ross, Carol Mirakove on Mark Wallace, Franklin Bruno at the College of Neglected Sciences, and Douglas Barbour at EyeRhymes.
Witz 5.2
(Summer 1997) Mikhail Epstein on the mystery of Araki Yasusada, William Marsh on "Memory, Hypertext and Poetry," Chris Stroffolino on Joe Ross, Stephen Ellis replies to Jefferson Hansen.
Witz Archive
Witz 5.1
(Spring 1997) Stephen Ratcliffe on Larry Eigner, William Marsh on hypertext, Susan M. Schultz and Dan Featherston on Bob Perelman, Kasey Cummings and Carl Peters on Rae Armantrout, Susan Smith Nash on Susan Gevirtz on Dorothy Richardson, Tod Thilleman on Kenneth Barnard.
Witz 4.3
Jefferson Hansen on Anarchism and Culture, Conference Reports from Loss Pequeno Glazier and Henry Gould, Reviews of Todd Baron (by Noah de Lissovoy), Rod Smith (by Daniel Barbiero), Don Wellman (by Cynthia Hogue) and Harry Polkinhorn (by Stephen Ellis).
Witz 4.2
Mark Wallace on Poetic Form; Loss Pequeño Glazier on Electonic Texts, Chris Stroffolino on NYU Poetry Talks, Crag Hill on bpNicol; Stephen Ellis on Tod Thilleman.
Witz 4.1
Stephen Ratcliffe on Robert Grenier, Carl Peters on bpNichol, Andrew Joron on Stephen-Paul Martin, Douglas A Powell on David Bromige, Clint Burnham on Kevin Connelly, and Book Briefs by Susan Smith Nash
Witz 3.3
Susan Smith Nash on Leslie Scalapino, Mark DuCharme on "Poem's Tensity," Stephen Ellis on Edward Foster and Susan Smith Nash, David Giannini on John Perlman.
Witz 3.2
Mark Wallace "On the Lyric As Experimental Possibility," Karl Young on "Roman Reading," Robert Grenier and Chris Stroffolino on Don Byrd, Daniel Barbiero on The Art of Practice, and Harry Polkinhorn on Left Hand Books.
Witz 3.1
Charles Bernstein on "Community and the Individual Talent," Daniel Barbiero on subjectivity, Dan Featherston on political poetry, Chris Stroffolino on Cole Swensen, Clint Burnham on Pam Rehm.
Witz 2.3
"Dear M: Signed P" by Paul Naylor, Mark Wallace and Jefferson Hansen on "The Avant Garde As Open Possibility, Chris Funkhouser on Nathaniel Mackey, Carol Ciavonne on Leslie Scalapino, Susan Smith Nash on Joan Retallack.
Witz 2.2
David Bromige / Robert Grenier : A Conversation (does not appear in ASCII version), Suan Smith Nash on Kathleen Fraser and Janet Grey.
Witz 2.1
"Explications" by Nick Piombino, Stephen-Paul Martin on "Narrative As Poetic Space." Susan Smith Nash on Susan Gevirtz, Dan Featherston on Karen Kelley, Kevin Killian on Tim Dlugos.
Witz 1.3
Susan Smith Nash on John Perlman, Serge Gavronsky interviews Raquel Levy, Johanna Drucker on Chris Tish, Clint Burnham on Karen Mac Cormak, John Tritica on Sheila E. Murphy, Charles Plymell on Jim McCrary.
Witz 1.2
John High's "Working Notes from Moscow," Clint Burnham interviews Steve McCaffery, Raffael de Gruttola on Steve McCaffery,Karl Young on Anne Tardos, Susan Smith Nash on Barry Silesky, John Tritica on Stephen-Paul Martin, Thomas Taylor on Rochelle Owens, Alan Davis on Harryette Mullen.
Witz 1.1
Stephen Ratcliffe's "Interoptions," Nick Piombino on "Writing and Persevering," Edward Foster on Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, Michelle Murphy on John High, Stephen-Paul Martin on Jacques Servin, Keith Waldrop on Cole Swensen, Susan Smith Nash on Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Bruce Campbell on Walter Abish, and "Witz End" by David Bromige.

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