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Title:     Chain

Editor(s):	Jena Osman and Juliana Spahr

Address:	Department of English
		University of Hawai'i, Manoa
		1733 Donaghho Road
		Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822


Issn:		1076-0520
Frequency:	Annual
Sub. Cost:	$10.00 for 1 issue
		(Payable to UB Foundation)

Ed. Stmt:	Chain is a new journal that investigates language
		and its various frames. It includes poetry, prose,
		and visual work. 

Issue info: Chain 1 | Chain 2 | Chain 3.1 | Chain 3.2

Issue Info:	

Chain 1: "Special Topic: Gender and Editing" (282 p.)
Edited by Jena Osman and Juliana Spahr Appears annually $7.95 6x9, 288 pages issn: 1076-0520 isbn: 0-922668-12-4 Publication date: October 1, 1994
This first issue explores its editors' apprehension about editing. It attempts to create a dialogic space through its investigation of the (im)possibility of an unmediated reception and the (im)possibility of detaching a writing from its presentational/ideological form.

Chain 1 begins with a forum on how and why journals are created and in what ways questions of gender have informed those decisions. As such it investigates the implications behind making taste public and the manner in which taste presents itself in the public sphere. This section includes an interview between Dodie Bellamy (of Mirage) and Andrea Juno (of REsearch) on Angry Women and "sex positive" editing practices; Dubravka Djuric (of Mental Space) on editing in communist and post-communist societies; Heather Findlay (of On Our Backs) on collaborative editing; Susan Gevirtz (of HOW(ever)) reading editing as medical diagnosis; Holly Laird (of Tulsa Studies in Women's Litera- ture) on the difficulties and rewards of editing feminist journals in the academy as well as pieces from a number of small press and feminist editors.

Instead of a collection that claims over and over the ability of the editor to know and define,Chain is a journal that claims instead "this made itself and here is what it's made of; it is just part of what continues." In order to facilitate a journal that could make itself,Chain used the model of the chain letter. A number of writers from the U.S., Canada, and England were asked to send a piece of writing to another writer. These writers responded by writing a poem and then send ing both poems onto a third participant, and so forth. This section includes work by Abigail Child, Gail Scott, Norma Cole, Sianne Ngai, Kate Rushin, Fiona Templeton and others.

Chain/2: Documentary
Edited by Jena Osman and Juliana Spahr 107 - 14th St./Buffalo, NY 14213 $10 for one issue (6"x9", 250 pp.) Make checks payable to UB Foundation.
The second issue of Chain questions the supposed neutrality/ objectivity of documentary forms. The concerns of this issue are: in what ways does the topical world filter through language? how do creative forms actually capture an event, a person, a place? The work included highlights the way we use language/image to cut up our experiential encounters so as to (re)see them.
Contributing writers and artists: Alicia Askenase, Lutz Bacher, Merle Lyn Bachman, Dodie Bellamy, Celia Bland, Pascale-Anne Brault, Sherry Brennan, Laynie Browne, AnJanette Brush, Kathe Burkhardt, Juanita But, Catalina Cariaga, Norma Cole, Leslie Davis & Hoa Nguyen, Connie Deanovich, Dubrovka Djuric, Sally Doyle, Maggie Dubris, Carrie Moyer & Sue Schaffer, Ann Erickson, Liz Fodaski, Darcy Frey, Susan Gevirtz, Phoebe Gloeckner, Lyn Hejinian, Lisa Hoke, Akua Lezli Hope, Karen Kelley, Ike Kim, Basil King, Andrew Levy, Walter Lew, Tan Lin, Pamela Lu, Lori Lubeski, Kimberly Lyons, Kevin Magee, Paul Maurice, Katie Merz, Douglas Messerli, Harryette Mullen, Aife Murray, Susan Smith Nash, Sianne Ngai, Erin O'Brien, Alix Pearlstein, M. Nourbese Philip, Stephen Ratcliffe, Susan Rosenberg & Jacob Wisse, Leslie Scalapino, Jenny Scobel, Eleni Sikelianos, Rod Smith, Meredith Stricker, Nathaniel Tarn, HT, Rodrigo Toscano, Nicola Tyson, Cecilia Vicuna, Anne Waldman, Hannah Weiner, Karen Yasinsky, Susan Wheeler, Alexander Zane, Janet Zweig.

CONTENTS OF CHAIN/3, VOLUME ONE:(hybrid Genres) Publication date: May, 1996
Mac Adams: Four Sculptures Will Alexander: Transgression of Genre as Vitality Dennis Barone: Pia at Play Martine Bellen: Lola Montez Charles Bernstein: Introjective Verse Sherry Brennan: Belle Mort Patti Capaldi: Consumption Norma Cole & Michael Palmer: A Library Book Elizabeth Cross: Schoenberg Dance 12 Maria Damon: Perfume River: the Oxymoron Wannabe & Me Tim Davis: The Nearsighted Poet Reads to St. Jerome Marta Dieke, Spencer Selby, Gary Sullivan: from How We Learn Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 29: Intellectual Autobiography Geraldine Erman: Vivarium No. 2 William L. Fox: from Zero Comma One: A Visual Essay Janie Geiser: Evidence of Floods Susan Gevirtz: Figment of Appointment David Golumbia: Theory Jenny Gough Carla Harryman: Males (terrorists) Lyn Hejinian & Travis Ortiz: The Staking Effect Fanny Howe: from Nod (a novel) Lisa Jarnot: Five Collages Tom Johnson Alystyre Julian: Shifting Attentions, Shifting Attentions Karen Kelley: Gesture/Geisha/Genre Bruce McIntosh E.A. Miller: Trouble (please do not disturb) Afe Murray: Phenomenal Rooms Sianne Ngai: Five Collage Poems Hoa Nguyen: From A Series of Letters Nick Piombino: New Languages for Old Mark Robbins: Scoring the Park Christy Sheffield Sanford: Bivens Arm Nature Poem Gail Sher: Innocent Diversions Brian Kim Stefans Cassandra Terman and Katie Yates Nico Vassilakis: Orange: A Manual Mac Wellman: The Peach-Bottom Nuclear Reactor Full Of Sleepers C.D. Wright: The Lost Roads Project: A Walk-in Book of Arkansas Paul Zelevansky: Four Pieces

CONTENTS OF CHAIN/3, VOLUME TWO Publication date: September, 1996
Perry Bard: A Modest Proposal Jim Brashear: from The Western Materials Lee Ann Brown & Susan Meyer Fenton Brad Buckley Mary Burger: Coughing Fit Stacy Doris: Re: The Birth of So And So, or, How I Noticed the Beginnings of Nature Johanna Drucker & Brad Freeman: Hybrid Anxieties Thalia Field : On the First Day Heather Fuller: Placards Loss Pequeño Glazier: Intermedial Investigations Barbara Henning & Miranda Maher: How to Read and Write in the Dark Kathy High: (A Few) Statistics On the (Possible) Meaning of An Encounter With (Some) (Middle-Class) Academic Women Adeena Karasick: Genrecide: A Poetics for the Unproductive Cynthia Kimball: Thinking In Words Does Not Become You Heidi Kumao: Cinema Machines Eve Andre Larame: Apparatus for the Distillation of Vague Intuitions Pamela Lu: from Noir Walter K. Lew: from The Movieteller Steve McCaffery: Dilemma of the Meno Jerome McGann: The Alice Fallacy, Or, Only God Can Make A Tree: A Dialogue of Pleasure and Instruction Kevin Magee: from April Theses Gerard Malanga: Prototypes of Experience Denise Newman M. Nourbese Philip: Discourse on the Logic of Language Kristin Prevallet: Allegory for the Real, Covered Up Joan Retallack & Rod Smith & Melanie Nielson: Empty Envelopes: Is This Any Way to Correspond? Lisa Robertson: Index A: Lyric Or Prohibitive James Sherry: Critical Menus Clef Ken Sherwood: Scrims Sally Silvers: Wall of Ownbrain: Movement/Film/Text/Science Carolyn Steinhoff-Smith: from . . . And If, Taking From a Cage an Eye Fiona Templeton: Real Dead and Fake Living: Notes for the Issue on Hybrid Form Anne Waldman: from Iovis Janet Zweig: Mind Over Matter

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