Chloroform 1997

"Accidents Would Happen" an interview with Fiona Templeton

Afterword, for Chloroform by Fiona Templeton

Corpsed Genres by Jena Osman

Notes in Response to YOU: The City by Abby C.

Apres <<Vous>> by Amy Nestor

The Eye that Lost Sight of You by Lisa Lucenti

An Installation Just South of Your Ear by Abby C

Creating the Question by Beth Gerwin

How I Use the Dictionary: interviews conducted by Jena Osman

Read red rd by William Howe

Performance and/as Theory by Scott Pound

"These Things Happen, All the Time" an interview with Paul Auster

Paul Celan in Translation by Benjamin Friedlander

Through But Not Of by Sheri Weinstein

He Do the Valise in Voices (Knot) by Charles Bernstein

From [Overstrike] Michael Palmer by Nick Lawrence & Benjamin Friedlander

Read My Lips by Michael Basinski

Broken English a review from Michael Stancliff

Thoughts on Johanna Drucker a review essay by Cynthia Kimball

Doomsday by Carla Billitteri

"How Poignant That Sounds, Even as You Read Back the Transcript":

an interview with Bruce Andrews

"Raiding the Vernacular" a roundtable discussion on Bruce Andrews

Home, Haunt, Page by Loss Pequeño Glazier

Hypertext as Metaphor by Martin Spinelli

Scribblings in the Guise of the Ghost by Ken Sherwood

Garden Lore by Ted Pearson

A History of Poetics at Buffalo: 1960-1990 a timeline from Cynthia Kimball & Taylor Brady

"To Step Onto the Aquarian Land" a letter from Jack Clarke

Selected Bibliography of Buffalo Publications: 1960-1996 compiled by Kristin Prevallet

A Non-Definitive Glossary of Terms