A n d r e w G o l d f a r b

"Globs Got Jobs"


Globs got jobs
I'm pleased to say
He's cutting corners
And rolling hay

Globs got jobs
And survey says
He delivers mail
And wears a fez

Scrapin', Bakin',
Raising mice
Painting stools
And checking twice

Working out
Spreading ointment
On a stick

Globs is handy
With an axe
Peelin' butter
Shaping wax

Globs got jobs
Heaven forfend!
And he'll be workin'
'Til the end

Candle eating
Toenail reading
Chicken beating
Theater seating

Making bread
And butter stew
Filling bottles
Full of glue

Globs got jobs
Makes me tired
He got hired
And I got fired!




Andrew Goldfarb suffers from acute hysterical astasia-abasia, a rare
psycho-neurological disorder characterized by delusionary stasophobia
and a preponderance of myopic abscesses. This condition was initially
brought on by a disagreement with a hotel clerk over a missing

See also the web site for Andrew's band The Slow Poisoners


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