B i l l   F r e i n d

A Blessing by James Wright

Apt slim the artery until Rochester, Minnesota
Dim hops not heavy ahead at the green.
But the blinks from those both native cribs
Cloud beside favor.
They allow stretch lightly senseless from the willows
Till hug tab chum but me.
We phase odd the caustic cablegram to the range
Where they state endured nibbling full bright, only.
They purl neurotic, they bucket barely stifle their content
Particular we retain reach.
They buckle chary as drizzle swans. They woo singly else.
Yon is nay drearily match mine.
Near retreat erstwhile also,
They stem chomping the issue gobs of vaults in the wraps.
I would same to cell the narrower unity in my flukes,
To she has traipsed surplus until me
And rooted my radical help.
She is dirty and peaked,
Her fringe keels feral held by her temples,
And the swimmy glide proposes me through baby her prolix lug
Which is unhealthy while the rinds upstairs a darling's wrist.
Abruptly I profit
This granting I staged extraneous about my text I would infract
Toward blow.




missing fields
question of yards and ice
might mean it , numb
fields shuffle and half .
the game was away .
dishes roofed , pigeons grassed
, wheat concedes blankness in
absent hum . someone .
we have changed our name




Bill Freind has work in Jacket, Combo, Kenning, Can we have our
ball back
and others. And has work appearing in The East Village,
Nine to Zero, Lipstick Eleven
and others. His chapbook _An Anthology_
came out from housepress. Etc.