J e f f r e y  J u l l i c h


In the way tin groom marries metal bride
In the waiting room areas met Albright

My doctor and the doggie walk
My daughter in the dawn awoke
Midas turned inner dark a wink

along an avenue
a long uneven view
a lung a Navajo

Evelyn Waugh
he violin waltz

art deign a Rhea
yeah spew sand dope and charred trousseau ordain narry goldrush shirred
ye asp fuse endo- panned Shah drew sword in airy ugh old Dhrer ushered
yes puce and taupe and chartreuse so award in eerie a galled treasured
y- ace deuce Santa opened shh! cardtrick ordinary

at last happened to an aphrodisiac says that
Atlas opened to a map road easy access that

saffron and oily yam -- 'c -- o'clock do re E-flat hour cellopha- FaurJ
Fran and Ollie and K -- Kukla K -- (do re) if Plato aware sulphur tower
-phren- Dali (and k) oak log (do re) Eiffel at tower Salvador Dali
friend ankh rifle attire
rye flat tire

domain can't tell one thing from the other dwarf worked ever the
woodruff winner of the race demented candle won the
rough winter rough they erased dough meant Ed cattail Edward forked over the dough

the drab fiction anagrams we love to read Thursdays
the traffic shenanigans wheel off the wreath or stays
the trap fish can man against wily torrid

my doctor my doctor pussywillow
muy Ida c- term I'd octo- -pus you'll low
Maya dock termite octo- -bers evil luau



This year, poetry and criticism by Jeffrey Jullich was published or is forthcoming in: (2001) Chain, The Electronic Poetry Review, Rain Taxi, The Companion to XXth Century American Poetry; (2000) Fence, American Letters and Commentary, Ribot, ixnay, Skanky Possum, Outlet, etc. In addition to my opera, American Lit, I have worked as lyricist on "The Shari Lewis Show" (computer music puppet opera), "I Shall Kill Salman Rushdie The Blasphemer" (published with score in Tyuonyi), etc, etc.