Stephen Ratcliffe

from _Conversation_


thinking of that, the dog who follows meaning to be close to what cannot be expressed as an ending,
prefix, changes in the object "you" becomes going out the door (conclusive) or answering the phone
according to rules whose logic is purely mathematical, the pull of the muscle in one person's back
assumed to articulate (question) what the child wants across the room, as if things could be called
watching "you" speak as a description in place of that picture, the dog whose tongue is out (gesture)
not meaning to be restrained between the object of his desire and the proposition that image exists
(represented) in the form of the person one means in comparison to something that is yet to appear



speakers set to convey the sound the man makes (camera) simultaneously to that, how a series of rocks
can be carried from one place to another by means of a complex of structures whose values (aesthetic)
include the person who doesn't want to see "you" filmed in deep water, those two characters standing
relative to the child who has disappeared on the one hand (ambiguous) on a plane in the second chapter
before this one, the rock falling on the other (nothing) instead of thinking she has changed her mind,
the orchestra at that point taking over (volume) for the man who otherwise would be speaking of this