eRT Magazine {Issue # 7}                    

Imitation, Homage, & tHE BAd                        September 2002

mark mcmanusStephanie Young,  Spencer Selby,  Rodrigo Toscano, Aaron Belz,  

David Hess,  Kenneth Tanemura,  James Chapson,  Gary SullivanCynthia Sailers,

Mark DuCharme,  Brooks Johnson,  Rachel Loden,  Ben Lerner,  Ethan Paquin, John Bradley,

K. Silem Mohammad,  David Hadbawnik,  Claire Barbetti,  Rodney Koeneke,  Helen Ruggieri,

Chris Glomski,  Kevin Gallagher,  Andrew Felsinger,  Andrew Goldfarb,  Rod Riesco, Ken Rumble,

Dodie Bellamy as Edward C. Edwards,  David Braden,  Christopher Martin,  Ryan and Jacob,

Gabriel Gudding, Patrick Herron, Geoffrey Gatza, Kari Edwards, Del Ray Cross,

Barbara Joan Tiger Bass, Jeff Harrison, Noah Gordon...

Kent Johnson: Prosthesis of Pompom into VeRT

A Nation of Poets: Writings from the Poetry Workshops of Nicaragua,
and Interview w/ Ernesto Cardenal by Kent Johnson

Dale Smith: Interliner/Federico García Lorca's Poet in New York

Excerpts from Cries in the New Wilderness: from the Files of the Moscow
Institute of Atheism
by Mikhail Epstein

George Kalamaras & Eric Baus: Births Incurred/your recently collected saliva

Jono Schneider: On Literary Silence

Dale Smith Reviews Jenny Boully's The Body

David Hadbawnik Reviews Dale Smith's The Flood & The Garden.

Edited by Andrew Felsinger w/ Additional Ambiance provided by Jono Schneider

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b & w picture atop, charcoal and paper © Morgan Slade 2002;
"Checkers," as it is sometimes called, believed to be the work of Ret Marut.