Joshua Edwards

Notes: from "The Cowboy".


Hoodwinked by a mainstay, by an open position,
the potential for change remains a fetish economy.


I measured my love as the gap between her eyes.


The sound of skin wrinkling in the sun is deafening,
but it's the humanity that kills.


Why is there an idiomatic expression about skinning a cat?

My mind is not at ease, as I wait for daylight savings time.


Here, the secret code is included in the price of a room.

All the old dialects like stones, coming back down from the hills.


Try burning fruit, brother!

               It will not work.

(Don't disparage.) The world was made for observations.

Joshua Edwards is executive editor of The Canary. His poems appear or are forthcoming in Skanky Possum, Forklift, Ohio, Smartish Pace, Good Foot, can we have our ball back?, Redactions, and elsewhere.