Sean Finney

Actually We'll Never Know

I could mention cars
and bricks and streets retreating.
You might mention leaves. No,
I would mention leaves.
You would mention something I would not expect,
like that man's hands and this strange stone.

I would mention a lot of things in a series
to try and get the feeling of speech
rolling. Because actions don't quite match up,
their thumbs opposing in an entirely
different way than how words
click each other off.

But it was speech, and I will miss it because
some nets we've thrown to drown the squirmers
Flop where we want them.

Can you see now how hard it is
to find the language that we'll never know?

Rocking back on our heels to celebrate the weaving we've accomplished
the light is strong and scintillates the backs of trees.
Shaved under my head in invisible ink the word