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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two hours with Anthony Braxton

For its 40th anniversary, the Exploratorium – the finest science museum in the United States – has been gradually releasing some of Charles Amirkhanian’s “Speaking of Music” programs, jointly produced by the museum, Amirkhanian & KPFA radio. The latest one is a two-hour interview by Amirkhanian of Anthony Braxton conducted in 1985. The series thus far has included some wonderful musicians: Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno & more. But the interview with Braxton deserves to be listened to carefully, to get some sense of the specificity with which he approaches whatever he does as well as the degree to which he uses categories of his own design.

Braxton’s current project is Trillium E

Saturday, March 06, 2010

At more than 8 hours & over 60 musicians, Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome Project is my kind of song. Its world performance premiere came in Vancouver on January 28th – the slightly less than half an hour that these three clips capture give just a hint of the entire event. All of the links in this paragraph are worth reading (&/or hearing / viewing) to deepen the experience. I wish I could have been there.