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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grace Ambrose

Launch Party for
In Open Letters A Secret Appears:
A People's Guide to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

with a poetry reading by


Junior Fellow Grace Ambrose invited 50 current and ex-Philadelphians to write about an object of their choice from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Taking shape as an edition of 50 postcards, the writings will comprise an alternate history and guide to the museum's holdings, seen through the eyes of the artists, writers, musicians, and friends who live alongside them. At this launch event, learn about the conceptualization of this project, mail art, and the history of the postcard. Grace's presentation will be followed by a reading by CAConrad of his poetry inspired by paintings on view in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Contributors to "A People's Guide" include the following and more: Sam Allingham, Lily Applebaum, Rayne Betts, Robyn Campbell, Anthony Campuzano, Kristina Centore, CAConrad, Johann Diedrick, Julia Factorial, Becket Flannery, Lucy Gallun, Thomson Guster, Dylan Hansen-Fliedner, Josh Herren, Alex Klein, James La Marre, Mary Lattimore, Trisha Low, Egina Manachova, Alexis McCrimmon, Mike Mckee, Max McKenna, Steve McLaughlin, Linda Pastan, Rachel Pastan, Molly Seegers, Jon Shapiro, Alex Tyson, Laura Reeve, Nicholas Salvatore, Ingrid Schaffner, Herb Shellenberger, Frank Sherlock, Henry Steinberg, Zoe Strauss, Valeria Tsygankova, Catherine Turcich-Kealey, Alejandro Valdes, Michael Thomas Vassallo, Adelina Vlas, Artie Vierkant, Jenna Weiss, Sara Wilson, Dan Yemin, and Jeffrey Ziga.


If you couldn't make the event but would like more information, please send an email with the subject SECRETS APPEAR to (probably true for the digital version as well)


The JUNIOR FELLOW AWARD is open to any recently graduated Penn student, especially students who have been deeply engaged with Penn's writing community. If you are graduating from Penn this year, or if you have graduated from Penn in the last two years, please consider applying for this small but very sweet fellowship. For more information, please visit: