Michael Magee Bio  

Michael Magee grew up in North Carolina and Western Massachusetts, thus receiving his education in race and class on the playground before the classroom.  From 1989 to 1993 he attended the College of the Holy Cross where his Catholicism lapsed, he met his wife and began writing poems.  In 1994 he began graduate studies at Penn and became actively involved in The Writers House along with poets Kristen Gallagher, Mytili Jagannathan, Louis Cabri, Matt Hart, Jessica Chiu, Nate Chinen, Bob Perelman and many others.  Just before leaving Philadelphia in 1998, he founded the poetry and poetics journal Combo.  He received his PhD from Penn in 1999 and currently teaches at Rhode Island School of Design.  He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Susanna and daughter Anabella.

COMBO web site.




MS (New York: Spuyten Duyvil, forthcoming 2002).

Morning Constitutional (Buffalo: Handwritten Press, 2001).

Leave the Light On, chapbook (New York: Boog Literature, 2000).


My poems have appeared in: 6ix, Amelia, America,  Caf Review, Callaloo, Cicada, Combo, Crazyquilt Quarterly, CrossConnect, DCpoetry Anthology 2002, The East Village, The Florida Review,  Highwire Yearbook 1998-1999, Ixnay, Kenning, Kiosk, Lungfull!, Magazine Cypress, Mirage #4 Periodical, New American Writing, Nine to Zero, Outlet, Pavement Saw, The Philadelphia Inquirer, PO-EP, Poetry Northwest, Poetry Motel,  Poison Tree, Riverrun,  Soundings East, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Spoon River Poetry Review,  Washington Review, Wayne Literary Review.



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Founder and Editor, Combo, a journal of experimental poetry and poetics; contributors to the first nine issues have included Bob Perelman, Harryette Mullen, Bill Berkson, Amiri Baraka, Alice Notley, Lorenzo Thomas, Clark Coolidge and John Ashbery (1997-present).