ALIRE no 7 (April 1994) includes work by Philippe Bootz, Jean-Marie Dutey, Disztichon Alfa and Philippe Castellin.

ALIRE no 8 (November 1994) includes work by Patrick Burgaud, Jean-Marie Lafaille, Pedro Barbosa, Albilio Cavalheiro, Jacques Donguy, Guillaume Loizillon, Jean-Pierre Balpe and Eduardo Kac.

ALIRE no 9 (June 1995) includes work by Jean-Marie Dutey, Phillipe Bootz, Claude Maillard and Tibor Papp.

Their address is:

27, allee des Coquelicots
F-59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq
They also published essays in French and English in 1994 from the colloquium "A:\LITERATURE; colloque Nord Poesie et Ordinateur" held at the Universite de Lille 3.