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Anvil Poetry

Address: Neptune House, 70 Royal Hill, London SE10 8RT England


1996 The lost province McCarthy, Thomas 1996 Metamorphic adventures Connor, Tony 1996 The monk's dream Harpur, James 1996 A rusty needle Lalic, Ivan 1996 Touchwood Davis, Dick 1996 A wonderful view of the sea Silcock, Ruth 1995 Anvil new poets 2 1995 Collected poems, 1941-1994 Hamburger, Michael 1995 Complete poems Seferis, George 1995 First time in Japan Howell, Anthony 1995 Misapprehensions Markham, Edward 1995 Poems of Paul Celan Celan, Paul 1995 Psyche unbound Buck, Heather 1995 Selected shorter poems Gongora y Argote, 1994 Against the forgetting : selected poems Faverey, Hans 1994 Coming to terms Guest, Harry 1994 In the sign of the rainbow : selected poems Sherrard, Philip 1994 Of love, time and places : selected poems Madge, Charles 1994 Poems and fragments Holderlin, Friedrich 1994 The rags of time Levi, Peter 1994 Siren tattoo : a poetry triptych 1994 Winter music : selected poems Kirsch, Sarah 1993 Inventing the fishes Stewart, Sue 1993 Long story short O'Driscoll, Dennis 1993 Mean time Duffy, Carol Ann 1993 A vision of comets Harpur, James 1991 Fragments from the big piece : a play Kaufman, Brian 1991 Odysseus Elytis, selected poems Elytes, Odysseas 1991 The Poetry of survival : post-war poets 1991 Roots in the air Hamburger, Michael 1991 They came to see a poet Rozewicz, Tadeusz 1990 Anvil new poets 1990 Collected poems and selected translations Cameron, Norman 1990 The hour of sand : selected poems, 1969-19 Blandiana, Ana 1990 Howell's law Howell, Anthony 1990 The other country Duffy, Carol Ann 1990 The selected poems of Tu Fu Tu, Fu 1990 Selected poems of Vittorio Sereni Sereni, Vittorio 1989 Devices and desires:new and selected poems Davis, Dick 1989 Exile and return : selected poems Ritsos, Giannes 1989 Goodbye to the art of poetry Levi, Peter 1989 On the anvil Quevedo, Francisco 1989 The passionate measure Lalic, Ivan 1989 A selection of poems Birtwhistle, John 1989 Seven winters in Paris McCarthy, Thomas 1989 Shadow and bone : poems, 1981-1988 Levi, Peter 1989 Towards the end of a century Markham, Edward 1988 The August sleepwalker Pei-tao 1988 Eternal moment : selected poems Weores, Sandor 1988 Poems of Paul Celan Celan, Paul 1987 A Chiltern hundred Bosley, Keith 1987 Hidden extras O'Driscoll, Dennis 1987 Last quarter Lalic, Ivan 1987 Mrs. Carmichael Silcock, Ruth 1987 Selling Manhattan Duffy, Carol Ann 1987 The sign of the water bearer Buck, Heather 1987 Slow chrysanthemums : classical Korean poe