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Enitharmon Press

Address: 36 St. George's Ave., London N7 OHD, England
Telephone: 0171.607.7194
Fax: 0171.607.8694

Editor: Stephen Stuart-Smith
Press established: 1969


1996 Collected poems Pitter, Ruth 1996 The language of yes Crossley-Holland 1996 Selected verse translations Gascoyne, David 1996 Sweet sister lyric Reed, Jeremy 1995 Breathe now, breathe Duran, Jane 1995 Burning waters : second version : visual a Pasmore, Victor 1995 Left-handers Moore, Hubert 1994 Coming up to midnight Rice, Nicky 1994 Everything begins with the skin Hubbard, Sue 1994 Exits Schneider, Myra 1994 The leave train : new and selected poems Hesketh, Phoebe 1994 Pop stars Reed, Jeremy 1994 The promise clinic Saxton, Robert 1994 Selected poems Gascoyne, David 1993 The bending of the bow : a version of the Curry, Neil 1993 Giacomo Leopardi in Naples Kociejowski, Mariu 1993 The pattern Sisson, C. H 1993 Recovery Woods, Chris 1993 Some dogs Middleton, Christopher 1993 Taking liberties Forbes, Duncan 1993 Their silence a language Hooker, Jeremy 1992 Guarding the border : selected poems Barker, Sebastian 1992 Tempest of stars : selected poems Cocteau, Jean 1992 Walking to Santiago Curry, Neil 1991 Beached boats Joseph, Jenny 1991 Elected friends : poems for and about Edwa 1991 Panto sphinx Henry, Michael 1991 The Shanghai owner of the bonsai shop Davies, Hilary 1991 A world beyond myself Kopland, Rutger 1990 Beneath tremendous rain Crucefix, Martyn 1990 By the harbour wall Taplin, Kim 1990 Collected poems : 1990 Pitter, Ruth 1990 Dicing for pearls Reed, Jeremy 1990 Firewater & The miraculous Mandarin Moat, John 1990 Five ways to kill a man : new and selected Brock, Edwin 1990 The game of love and death Heath-Stubbs, John 1990 Rolling stock Moore, Hubert 1989 Flying pigs Stimson, Nick 1989 Hymns to the night Novalis 1989 Netting the sun : new and collected poems Hesketh, Phoebe 1989 Perpetual waterfalls Ashbee, David 1989 Public & confidential Forbes, Duncan 1989 A walk in winter Street, Sean 1988 A contract of silence Sharples, Alan 1988 A grass blade between thumbs Lund, Tessa 1988 Legal Tender Shanahan, Deirdre 1988 Namesakes Moore, Hubert 1988 An ocean in my ear Henry, Michael 1988 Risings Armstrong, Peter 1988 Ships in Bottles Curry, Neil 1987 A heaven to find : poems Pitter, Ruth 1987 Master of the leaping figures Hooker, Jeremy 1986 Border pass Reed, Jeremy 1986 Questions unanswered : poems Chiari, Joseph 1986 Selected poems Bellerby, Frances 1985 A se stesso = To himself : after Canto XXV Leopardi, Giacomo 1985 Collected poems Horovitz, Frances 1985 A further harvest : poems Edwards, Mary Stel 1985 New and selected poems Lehmann, John 1984 The lipstick boys : a novel Reed, Jeremy 1984 More poems : with drawings Richards, Frances 1984 New poems Marnau, Alfred 1984 Poems Wakeford, Edward 1983 The letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berr Thomas, Edward 1983 The secret ones Reed, Jeremy 1982 A man afraid Reed, Jeremy 1982 Poems for Charles Causley 1982 T. S. Eliot : a memoir Chiari, Joseph 1982 The years between : poems Edwards, Mary Stel 1981 Christophoros : poems Casey, Mary 1981 Full circle : poems Casey, Mary 1981 The gift of blood : a selection of poems Mays, John Barron 1981 Gissing and Germany Bridgwater, Patric 1981 Keys to transformation : Ceri Richards and Burns, Richard 1981 Poems of experience Richards, Frances 1981 Slanting lights : poems Chiari, Joseph 1981 The upper hand Wiseman, Christoph 1980 Between the symplegades Casey, Gerard 1980 Birds reconvened Heath-Stubbs, John 1980 Drawings to poems by Dylan Thomas Thomas, Dylan 1980 The eighth day : selected poems 1948-1978 Hesketh, Phoebe 1980 Fiesta, & The fox reviews his prophecy Moat, John 1980 A garland of poems for Leonard Clark on hi 1980 Journal 1936-37 ; Death of an explorer ; L Gascoyne, David 1980 Learning to talk : poems Burns, Richard 1980 Poems Gardiner, Wrey 1980 The rose of Sharon Burns, Richard 1980 Supplement to A bibliography of Ronald Fir Benkovitz, Miriam 1980 The veins of meaning Lee, Christopher 1980 Water over stone Horovitz, Frances 1980 The way it was : poems Clark, Leonard 1980 When widows love & A tragedy in green : tw Firbank, Ronald 1979 The ballad of the outer dark, and other po Watkins, Vernon 1979 The hollowed-out elder stalk : John Cowper Mathias, Roland 1979 John Cowper Powys and David Jones : a comp Hooker, Jeremy 1979 Llewelyn Powys : an essay Hopkins, Kenneth 1979 On the third day : poems and translations Campbell-Kease, Jo 1979 Saints & psychotics : poems, 1973/4 Reed, Jeremy 1978 Before and after : poems Edwards, Mary 1978 The blasting of Billy P., other poems MacKinnon, Rayne 1978 Charged landscapes : poems Pacey, Philip 1978 Collected poems Chiari, Joseph 1978 Fifteen short poems Raine, Kathleen 1978 George Gissing on fiction Gissing, George 1978 Landscape of the daylight moon Hooker, Jeremy 1978 Paris journal, 1937-1939 Gascoyne, David 1978 Silence of the morning Clark, Leonard 1977 Dylan Thomas : a poem Manning, Hugo 1977 Letters to Harry Bainbridge Rolfe, Frederick 1977 The oval portrait, and other poems Raine, Kathleen 1977 Preparing to leave : poems Hesketh, Phoebe 1977 Selected verse translations Watkins, Vernon 1977 Some poems Burns, Richard 1977 Tribute to Kenneth Patchen 1976 Dumb instrument : poems and fragments Welch, Denton 1976 Excerpt from 'Dylan Thomas' : a long poem Manning, Hugo 1976 Images of H. D White, Eric Walter 1976 Malcolm Lowry and the voyage that never en Miller, David 1976 Modigliani Manning, Hugo 1976 Three poems Gascoyne, David 1975 The Caryatids : poems, 1971-73 Miller, David 1975 David Jones : an exploratory study of the Hooker, Jeremy 1975 The first-known : and other poems Bellerby, Frances 1975 Frances Bellerby Bellerby, Frances 1975 Poet's fare Rickword, Edgell 1975 The time of the rising sea Chiari, Joseph 1974 Artorius : a heroic poem in four books and Heath-Stubbs, John 1974 The Congress Borges, Jorge Luis 1974 The eighteen-nineties : a literary exhibit Krishnamurty, G. V 1974 The hearing heart Clark, Leonard 1974 Madame Lola Manning, Hugo 1974 A place, a state : a suite of drawings Trevelyan, Julian 1974 Soliloquies of a chalk giant Hooker, Jeremy 1974 Tribute to Walter de la Mare Blunden, Edmund 1974 Words in hock : Poems Atik, Anne 1973 Artorius : a heroic poem in four books and Heath-Stubbs, John 1973 Masks and ikons Abbott, Kathleen 1972 Double flute: poems Burns, Richard 1972 Faces of day and night Raine, Kathleen 1972 The it and the odyssey of Henry Miller Manning, Hugo 1972 The North Beckett, Samuel 1972 A possible prayer on New Year's Day Bellerby, Frances 1972 Sun and shadow Garcia Lorca, Fede 1971 Encounter in Crete Manning, Hugo 1971 Lights in the distance Chiari, Joseph 1971 Paysages legendaires Russell, Peter 1971 Poems Pinter, Harold 1971 Remarks when opening the George Gissing ex Plomer, William 1970 Alun Lewis & the making of the Caseg broad Lewis, Alun 1970 Fifty poems : a selection Rickword, Edgell 1970 Letters from a publisher: Martin Secker to Secker, Martin 1970 Selected poems Bellerby, Frances 1970 The sun at midnight : notes on the story o Gascoyne, David 1970 Walking with trees Clark, Leonard 1970 Where the sun began : poems Abbott, Kathleen 1969 Answers Skelton, Robin 1969 Laconics, jingles, other verses Muir, Willa 1969 Poems with drawings Chamberlain, Brend 1969 Uncollected poems Watkins, Vernon Ph 1968 Ninfa revisited Raine, Kathleen 1968 Poems Pinter, Harold 1968 Six dreams, and other poems Raine, Kathleen 1967 Communications Hopewell, Anna Mad 1967 The written word : a speech delivered at t Raine, Kathleen 1960 Christmas 1960 Raine, Kathleen