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The Figures

Specialists in language poetry publishing.

Address: The Figures, 5 Castle Ave., Great Barrington, MA 01239-1552
Telephone: 413-528-2552

Editor: Geoffrey Young
Press established: 1975


1996 Swoon rocket Luoma, Bill 1995 Interferon Gizzi, Michael 1995 Present tense Ratcliffe, Stephen 1995 Writing for Bernadette 1994 Alone with the moon McKim, Musa 1994 Cameo Friedman, Michael 1994 Columns & catalogues Schjeldahl, Peter 1994 Emptily Raworth, Tom 1994 My trip to New York City Luoma, Bill 1993 Great to be late for the last sunset Schwab, Coa 1993 New York Gottlieb, Michael 1993 On the pumice of morons Fagin, Larry 1993 Rome : a mobile home Estrin, Jerry 1993 Ted : a personal memoir of Ted Berrigan Padgett, Ron 1993 Tizzy boost Andrews, Bruce 1991 The book of during Coolidge, Clark 1991 Concondat proviso ascendant Dewdney, Christopher 1991 Odes of Roba Coolidge, Clark 1991 Oxota : a short Russian novel Hejinian, Lyn 1991 Prop and guide Neilson, Melanie 1991 That various field for James Schuyler 1991 Vein Raworth, Tom 1990 The big something Padgett, Ron 1990 Just like a real Italian kid : part one Gizzi, Michael 1990 Supernatural overtones Padgett, Ron 1990 The 7 days art columns, 1988-1990 Schjeldahl, Peter 1988 Analogy of the ion Davidson, Michael 1988 At Egypt Coolidge, Clark 1988 Blue book Benson, Steve 1988 Captive audience Perelman, Bob 1988 Covers Robinson, Kit 1988 Midnight on your left Godfrey, John 1988 What Silliman, Ronald 1987 Emergency measures Rodefer, Stephen 1987 Idea Hoover, Paul 1987 Melencolia Coolidge, Clark 1987 On whether or not to believe in your mind Fischer, Norman 1987 Remembrances Corbett, William 1987 Rocks and deals Young, Geoffrey 1986 The crystal text Coolidge, Clark 1986 The first world Perelman, Bob 1986 Introduction to the world Howe, Fanny 1984 a.k.a Perelman, Bob 1984 Tottering state : selected and new poems Raworth, Tom 1983 Story and other stories Davis, Lydia