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1995 Collected poems Montague, John 1995 The ghost train Ormsby, Frank 1995 The ledger of fruitful exchange Sirr, Peter 1995 Letters from the alphabet Carson, Ciaran 1995 The O'Neill Kilroy, Thomas 1995 So it goes Grennan, Eamon 1995 25 : to celebrate its first 25 years, the Gallery Press 1994 Booterstown McGuinness, Frank 1994 The brazen serpent Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1994 Night train through the Brenner Clifton, Harry 1994 Selected and new poems Hartnett, Michael 1993 Haicead Haicead, Padraigin 1993 Nightspawn Banville, John 1993 Poems Rodgers, W. R 1993 Time in Armagh Montague, John 1992 The Astrakhan cloak Ni Dhomhnaill, Nuala 1992 The Ballyconnell colours Healy, Dermot 1992 The sheltered nest Dunne, Sean 1992 The Yaddo letter Mahon, Derek 1991 The Magdalene sermon and earlier poems Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1991 Negotiations with the chill wind Hughes, John 1991 Ways of falling Sirr, Peter 1991 The word for yes : new and selected storie Mac Intyre, Tom 1989 The Magdalene sermon Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1989 New selected poems Montague, John 1988 The new estate and other poems Carson, Ciaran 1988 The rainmakers Harvey, Francis 1988 Selected poems Deane, Seamus 1987 A necklace of wrens Hartnett, Michael 1987 Oven lane Coady, Michael 1987 Poaching rights O'Donoghue, Bernar 1987 What light there is Grennan, Eamon 1986 Bailegangaire : The story of Bailgangaire Murphy, Thomas 1986 Conversations on a homecoming Murphy, Thomas 1986 A northern spring Ormsby, Frank 1986 Poems, 1956-1986 Simmons, James 1986 The second voyage Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1986 The something in particular Hughes, John 1986 A store of candles Ormsby, Frank 1986 Teresa's Bar Durcan, Paul 1985 Antarctica Mahon, Derek 1985 The burren days : a poem Ennis, John 1985 Climbing the light Hutchinson, Pearse 1985 The Lundys letter Dawe, Gerald 1985 O Bruadair : selected poems of Daibhi O Br O Bruadair, Daibhi 1985 Poems 1963-1983 Longley, Michael 1984 The Gigli concert Murphy, Thomas 1984 Hailstones Heaney, Seamus 1984 Lovers Friel, Brian 1984 Marginal zones Sirr, Peter 1984 The sanctuary lamp Murphy, Thomas 1984 The wishbone Muldoon, Paul 1983 The diviner : the best stories of Brian Fr Friel, Brian 1983 History lessons Deane, Seamus 1983 Minding Ruth Mathews, Aidan Car 1983 The twelve seasons Hall, Donald 1983 Wildly for days Grennan, Eamon 1983 Winter work Fallon, Peter 1982 The chimeras : a version of Les chimeres b Mahon, Derek 1982 The harper's turn Mac Intyre, Tom 1982 Peter Merrill, James 1982 Selected poems Hutchinson, Pearse 1981 Anton Chekhov's Three sisters : a translat Chekhov, Anton 1981 Courtyards in Delft Mahon, Derek 1981 Whale on the line Archer, Nuala 1980 Aristocrats : a play in three acts Friel, Brian 1980 The boats are home Kennelly, Brendan 1980 Catchpenny twist Parker, Stewart 1980 Immram Muldoon, Paul 1980 The O-Os' party, New Year's eve Muldoon, Paul 1980 Scion Dickey, James 1980 Two for a woman, three for a man Coady, Michael 1979 The enemy within Friel, Brian 1979 The headgear of the tribe : selected poems O'Grady, Desmond 1979 His skaldcrane's nest O'Grady, Desmond 1979 Iris elegy Hakim, Seymour 1979 The leap Montague, John 1979 Office of the salt merchant Clifton, Harry 1979 Out of season Simpson, Louis Ast 1979 Pull down a horseman, Gale day McCabe, Eugene 1979 The sea in winter Mahon, Derek 1979 A small light : ten songs of O'Connor of C Kennelly, Brendan 1979 Talbot's box : a play in two acts Kilroy, Thomas 1978 Adharca broic Hartnett, Michael 1978 After summer Heaney, Seamus 1978 A crucial week in the life of a grocer's a Murphy, Thomas 1978 A farewell to English Hartnett, Michael 1978 Hatchet Magee, Heno 1978 In the light on the stones Harvey, Francis 1978 King of the castle McCabe, Eugene 1978 A limerick rake : versions from the Irish O'Grady, Desmond 1978 Niches Murphy, Richard 1978 The speaking stones Fallon, Peter 1978 Tuned in late one night Stafford, William 1978 Where our voices broke off Seay, James L 1977 Cork : poems Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1977 Dolmen Hill Ennis, John 1977 Famine Murphy, Thomas 1977 Prisoners Hartnett, Michael 1977 The second voyage : poems Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1977 Sing me creation O'Grady, Desmond 1977 Thanks Creeley, Robert 1977 The walls of Carthage Clifton, Harry 1976 Blood and stations Jordan, John 1976 Footprints on the wind : poems Austin, Richard 1976 Nepalese short stories Vaidya, Karuna Kar 1976 New and selected poems Kennelly, Brendan 1976 Night on Hibernia Ennis, John 1976 On the outside ; On the inside Murphy, Thomas 1976 Teresa's Bar Durcan, Paul 1976 Theatre song for a child : a tribute to th Wong, Judy Ling 1975 A farewell to English, and other poems Hartnett, Michael 1975 The frost is all over Hutchinson, Pearse 1975 A garland for Captain Fox Greacen, Robert 1975 Kicking O'Donoghue, Gregor 1975 A kind of trust Kennelly, Brendan 1975 A raft from flotsam : versifications 1948 Jordan, John 1975 Site of ambush Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1975 Webs on fire Shuttle, Penelope 1974 Del camino Machado, Antonio 1974 The first affair Fallon, Peter 1974 In the lion house Reardon, Daniel 1974 Realms : a sequence of poetical texts and Kane, Michael 1974 Without frenzy Clarkin, Sean 1973 Selected poems of James Clarence Mangan Mangan, James Clar 1973 The voices : a sequence of poems Kennelly, Brendan 1972 Acts and monuments Ni Chuilleanain, Eilean 1972 Co-incidence of flesh Fallon, Peter 1972 Early morning matins Woods, Macdara 1972 Watching the morning grow Hutchinson, Pearse 1973 The voices; #b a sequence of poems Kennelly, Brendan