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Potes and Poets Publications

Bruce Andrews, Executive Summary
Dennis Barone, Forms / Froms
D. Barone / P. Ganick, The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets
Martine Bellen, Places People Dare Not Enter
Steve Benson, Reverse Order
Paul Buck, no title
O. Cadiot / C. Bernstein, Red, Green & Black
Abigail Child, A Motive for Mayhem
A. Clarke / R. Sheppard, eds., Floating Capital
Norma Cole, Contrafact
Norma Cole, Metamorphopsia
Cid Corman, Root Song
Beverly Dahlen, A Reading (11-17)
Tina Darragh, a(gain)2st the odds
Jean Day, The I and the You
Ray DiPalma, The Jukebox of Memnon
Ray DiPalma, Provocations
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Drafts 3-14
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Tabula Rosa
Theodore Enslin, Case Book
Norman Fischer, The Devices
Peter Ganick, Rectangular Morning Poem
Jessica Grim, Locale
Carla Harryman, Vice
P. Inman, Think of One
Melanie Neilson, Natural Facts
Gil Ott, Public Domain
Maureen Owen, Untapped Maps
Stephen Ratcliffe, spaces in the light said to be where one/ comes from
Kit Robinson, The Champagne of Concrete
Leslie Scalapino, Goya's L. A.
Leslie Scalapino, How Phenomena Appear to Unfold
Spencer Selby, House of Before
Ron Silliman, Lit
Ron Silliman, Toner
Diane Ward, Imaginary Movie

Potes & Poets Press
Announces Two New Publications

by Ray DiPalma

Provocations , a major new book by Ray DiPalma. Apart from various limited editions recently published in the United States and abroad, Provocations is DiPalma's first full-length collection of new work in almost six years. Resisting easy classification but continuing examination of the relationship between language and thought, the instinctive lyricism, formal range and speculative complexities present in Provocations reveal DiPalma's writing at its most animated and accessible.

Ray DiPalma
101 pp
15BN 0-937013-55-2

Ray DiPalma lives in New York City.

by Jessica Grim

"Reading and rereading this extraordinary manuscript, I find myself asking where these poems most completely come alive: word, line or "sentence"? The truth is I can't tell- the poems leap off the page at all levels, as if Jessica Grim had tapped into the secret of a fourth dimension. Playful, serious, intense and wise all at once, with an accurate eye and an absolute ear, Locale contains some of the most riveting poems of our time. The art of the 21st Century starts here."

-Ron Silliman

Jessica Grim
88 pp
15BN 0-937013-56-0

Jessica Grim is co-editor, with Melanie Neilson, of Big Allis magazine. She is currently living in Oberlin, Ohio.

Two Recent Books

The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets
Edited by Dennis Barone and Peter Ganick

This anthology is a continuation of the project started by Ron Stillman's In the American Tree and Douglas Messerli's Language Poetries. It has over 400 pages of poetry generally considered "avant garde" or "post-language". Most of the writers represented are in their 30s and 40s, and others have been overlooked in the past anthologies.

Lyn Hejinian says: "The importance of this addition to the library of our experience is enormous. It is with great gratitude that I welcome The Art of Practice."

The Art of Practice:
45 Contemporary Poets

Edited by Dennis Barone and Peter Ganick
408 pp
15BN 0-937013-46-3

Goya's L.A.
A play by Leslie Scalapino

Goya's L.A.
A play by Leslie Scalapino
75 pp
15BN 0-937013-45-5

"Writing is captions that are to the inner.

Just have moves be in tandem.

This play induces movement that is minute
and has no function, requiring complete

Not having a function is attentiveness. It joy
memory or is it this movement?

The phrases continue to change to become
movement in itself. The movement induces a
greyhound flying curled legless."

- Francesco Jose de Goya

POTES & POETS PRESS -- limited editions

These are 48 to 64 page saddle-stitched books, printed on acid-free paper with laid paper covers. Thirty copies of each book exists, only 12 of which are for sale. The price is $18.00 each. A few are out- of-print, and are not mentioned here.

Guy R Beining, Axiom of a Torn Pulley
David Bromige, Venerable Bundles
Robert Fitterman, Metropolis (4-12)
Susan Gevirtz, Prosthesis : : Caesarea
Joe Ross, De-Flections
Diane Ward, Exhibition

POTES & POETS PRESS -- chapbooks

A few copies of these chapbooks printed in 1981 and 1982 still remain. The average page count is 32 pages. The price is $5.50 each.

Beau Beausoleil, in case/this way two things fell
Alan Davies, a an av es
Alan Davies, Mnemonotechnics
Theodore Enslin, Meditations on Varied Grounds
Theodore Enslin, September's Bonfire
Peter Ganick, Two Space Six
Barbara Moraff, Learning to Move
Keith Rahmings, Printouts
Dan Raphael, Zone du Jour
Ron Silliman, B A R T
Craig Watson, The Asks
Hannah Weiner, Nijole’s House


Please send the stated amount plus $1.50 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item. There is no postage charge for Limited Editions.
Foreign and Canada: payment in US$, please add $0.75 per item, surface only.
Send checks to:
Potes & Poets Press Inc
181 Edgemont Avenue
Elmwood CT 06110-1005

Potes & Poets Press also publishes ABACUS, a newsletter that appears eight times a year; a series of Limited Editions; and a series of chapbooks. For more information and pricing, send for our complete catalogue.
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