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1996 Points of reference Elkin, Roger 1996 Tracts Ward, Dave 1995 Concentric Courtenay, Ceri 1995 Cumbria 1995 Lancashire 1995 Lives Foss, Peter John 1995 The poet's view : poems for paintings 1995 Sharp and leathery Cunningham, Michael 1994 Autobiographies & explorations : sixty-two Poole, Richard 1994 Here & there : poems 1984-1993 Clancy, Joseph 1994 One-eyed seller of garlic Smith, Copland 1994 To weigh alternatives John, Roland 1993 Aubergine is a gravid woman Bishop, Patricia 1993 Into hiding Wake, Brian 1993 The pig's thermal underwear : poems Simpson, Matt 1993 Rhyme don't pay Tafari, Levi 1992 Here's looking at you kid Cotton, John 1992 Lightyears : the first collection of Merseyside 1992 Seeking the host Harris, Alan Edward 1991 Instead of a mass Bartlett, Elizabeth 1991 Lies : poems Sedgwick, Fred 1991 Monet's garden Skinner, Susan 1989 Mind games Walker, Brenda 1988 Check Harris, Alan Edward 1988 A garden for Dracula Calder, Dave 1987 Imago Beeson, Jane 1987 Inkstains & stilletos Sinason, Valerie 1987 Lighting effects Born, Anne 1986 Particular sunlights Loveday, John 1985 Fairground familiars Sergeant, Howard 1985 Passions Evans, David 1984 Parting the leaves Ivimy, May 1984 The Storyville portraits Cotton, John 1983 Cherry stones, and other poems Poole, Peggy 1983 The snow bird sequence Coles, Gladys Mary 1983 Under the frame Larrett, Olga 1982 Fifth last song : twenty-one love poems Duffy, Carol Ann 1981 Europe after rain : poems Graham, Henry 1981 Selected poems of Mary Webb Webb, Mary Gladys 1978 Unchanging seas Adams, Anna 1977 No surrender Magee, Wes 1977 Sinerva, and other poems Coles, Gladys Mary 1976 Meetings at the moor's edge England, Gerald 1975 The love letters of Abelard and Heloise Abelard, Peter 1975 Parabola Adams, Anna 1975 Photosopsis for Basil Bunting Simms, Colin 1974 Somewhere there are trains Grubb, David H. 1973 Birches and other striplings Simms, Colin 1973 Many-lined poem Kirkup, James 1973 Midwinter mandala Shuttle, Penelope 1973 Opened Jaffin, David 1973 Today's flower is white Jackowska, Nicki 1972 Adders & other worms Simms, Colin 1972 The bells of Middlesmoor Bartholomew, Edna 1972 Memorial tree Adams, Anna 1971 Rooms of mind Surtees, Dereck 1970 Mousings England, Gerald