L e a v e B o o k s

P.O. Box 786

Buffalo, NY 14213-0786

Edited by Kristin Prevallet, Pam Rehm, Juliana Spahr,
Marta Werner, Charlotte Pressler, and Jennifer Karmin.

Since its inception in 1991, Leave Books has been a small co-operative press committed to printing works of poetry, essays on poetry, and prose that challenge the formal boundaries of writing.

If you are interested in receiving our books, please send a donation of $20 for individuals / $35 for institutions for the 1994 series of up to 15 books. Individual books and books from our backlist are available for $4. Boxed sets of the entire run which are hand sewn and signed (when available), are $100. Checks should be addressed to the UB Foundation.

The following is a catalogue of our entire chapbook series.
An * indicates recent books included in the 1994 series, mentioned above.

* Will Alexander, Arcane Lavender Morals
Bruce Andrews, Divestiture-E
Michael Basinski, Mooon Bok: petition, invocation & homage
J. Battaglia, Skin Problems Tom Beckett, Economies of Pure Expenditure: Notebook
* Guy Beining, Too Far to Hear
Dodie Bellamy, Answer: from the Letters of Mina Harker
Julia Blumenreich, Artificial Memory
* Laynie Browne, One Constellation
Lee Ann Brown, Crush
Elizabeth Burns, Letters to Elizabeth Bishop
John Byrum, Interalia: Among Other Things
Marten Clibbens, Sonnet
Tina Darragh, adv. fan--10968 series
* Sally Doyle, Under the Neath
Peter Ganick, ...As Convenience
Drew Gardener, The Cover
Susan Gevirtz, Domino: point of entry
C. S. Giscome, Two Sections from Giscome Road
Jefferson Hansen, gods to the elbows
* Barbara Henning, The Passion of Signs
Le Ann Jacobs, Varieties of Inflorescence
Robert Kelly, Manifesto: For the Next New York School
Kevin Killian, Santa
Cynthia Kimball, Omen For a Birthday: Unravelled Poems
Ira Lightman, Psychoanalysis of Oedipus
* Lori Lubeski, Stamina
* Kimberly Lyons, Rhyme the Lake
* Kevin Magee, Tedium Drum, Part II
Joyce Mansour, (translated by Serge Gavronsky), Cris/Screams
Mark McMorris, Figures for a Hypothesis (Suite)
Sianne Ngai, My Novel
Gale Nelson, Little Red Pump
Jena Osman, Pump
Ann Pedone, The Bird Happened
John Perlman, imperatives of address
Nick Piombino, Two Essays
* Kristin Prevallet, Perturbation, My Sister
Bin Ramke, Catalogue Raisonne
Stephen Ratcliff, Private
Randall Potts, Recant: (a revision)
Pam Rehm, Pollux
* Joan Retallack, Icarus fffffalling
Elizabeth Robinson, Nearings: two poems
Kim Rosenfield, Cool Clean Chemistry and Rx
Rena Rosenwasser, Unplace.Place
* Joe Ross, Push
Susan Schultz, Another Childhood
Cathleen Shattuck, Three Queens
Susan Smith Nash, Grammar of the Margin Road
Juliana Spahr, nuclear
* Cole Swensen, Walk
Joseph Torra, Domino Sessions
Bill Tuttle, Private Address
Keith Waldrop, The Balustrade
Mark Wallace, You Bring Your Whole Life to the Material
Nena Zivanceivc, I Was This War Reporter in Egypt

Also availaible:

A Poetics of Criticism
edited by Juliana Spahr, Kristin Prevallet, Pam Rehm, Mark Wallace

This collection, which presents the work of over forty-five poets and scholars from the United States and Canada, includes essays written as dialogues, essays composed of quotations, essays the merge the critical and the poetic. All of them explore the fluidities and possibilities within a poetics of criticism. Includes work by Leslie Scalapino, Jerome McGann, Elizabeth Willis, Dodie Bellamy and Will Alexander. ($12.95, 315 pages.)

Complications From Standing In a Circle
by Mark Wallace

This book began as a search through the dictionary for words that the author would otherwise not have used. It includes twenty nine poems that are a restless exploration of the possibilities in "what is not usually noticed." ($6.95, 68 pages.)

Wale; or the Corse
by Elena Rivera

This book was inspired by the author's reading of Melville's Moby Dick and Charles Olson's Call Me Ishmael. This is poetry that merges the harmonies of words with an emotional intensity that over takes the reader with "silent storms." ($5.00, 33 pages.)

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