Two Sections from Giscome Road

by C.S. Giscombe

C.S. Giscombe lives in Indiana but right now he is living near Giscome Canada (the location of this book). This is a long poem.
(3 Gentlemen)

The district's bounded by watersheds the Clearwater & Upper
Fraser, the Fraser & Canoe Rivers & by the Alberta border
& the watershed of the Parsnip & Finlay Rivers wch itself
is a continuation of the Columbia R. valley continuing
northerly to the Yukon R. valley & at Giscome
the valley of the Fraser leaves this valley & turns almost due south

"To further his ends," sd Fr. Morice, "[Dunlevy] established
     a post at Giscome Portage,
a section of land named after a man he had for some time
     in his employ as cook."

But Rev. Runnalls gets to the point: "To further his trade w/ the natives
he established a number of outposts, one of wch was at Giscome Portage
     a place
which was named for a negro cook in Dunlevy's employ."

(And Mr. Gauvreau:
"The Fraser River at Giscome Portage is a noble stream"

the portage through wch to step further in or through wch to come

through groups of people eating continuous,

no end in sight:

yet to be come to in the nomenclature, in the geography further on