Cool Clean Chemistry and Rx

by Kim Rosenfield

Kim Rosenfield lives in New York. This book contains two books in one wrapper.


Some people think that fish is a brain food and that a
mackerel will convert a moron into an Einstein

The average man looks for something beyond.

Some people believe that warts can be removed by tying knots in
a string and burying the string at a crossroads, in the moonlight.

I have seen a multimillionaire seriously expectorate into his palm and
splatter saliva far and wide at the passing of a white horse.

Some people believe that if you drink from a garden hose, you
may get a snake in your interior.

hard cheese and celery should be thoroughly chewed.

Some people believe that if you break out with pimples or boils,
it's just the meanness erupting.

A live piscatory specimen in one's stomach is not an enjoyable compa

Some people believe that poker players try to improve their luck
by rubbing the hump of a hunchback.

"without phosphorus, there is no thought"

Some people think that medicine can't be good unless it has an
odor like that of a pole cat.

An X-Ray examination finally showed that she had swallowed an
octopus egg, which had hatched inside her anatomy.

Some people think that it is possible to take an eye out, wash it,
and put it back.