The Randomo Tracatus (I-X) - Matt Hill
The Randomo Tractatus (I-X)
an electronic chapbook by

I. A disjunctive narrative stresses foolish heat - an emanation media that vitalizes within the contagion of the deep-structure present: there can be no study of causes without sacrifice Ambiguities arising from pre-clustered language: as in the flushing action of the vortex - as in greatly shortened internodes suggestive of The right to conjugate, irrespective of whatever, the where & why when non-sequiturs apply - or to weight a text in order to conceal its meaning: where language is a standard not quite attained These juxtapositions free of original regress: not a panopoly of acoherent phrases but a mosaic horizon of further whys - like promises of virgins in paradise This word stemmage in the received text - is this obscure language in climactic event? or more congealed abstractions suggestive of II. Manhandle with thoroughness any impetus to an undertaking, like the partial derivatives of intervening future that emanate without actually doing so The ruse devices of man that offer further disalignments of the previously askew: the chop logic factors as distinguished from variables, the raddled punctuation containing dials & controls A miscellanea of genetic nonsense poured out as an offering to the philistine demons & droits: bind a bargain of quick riddance Oblique federates in feral skull sessions, howse curriculums replete with drear intact, dividing the observed by the theoretical: a cerebral contagion in "empathic meltdown" Micromagic ideologists in expresso boot up - predicated alkaloids throughout a brazen morning full of embrangled self-diagnosis: there's always a menu problem with cafeteria logic III. Ablatives of purpose that exhort - the ratio between the doldrums & the ardent pursuit of something: to extract a manifest upon the spur of happening, seize the intention riven from all else Legendary lore of gnostic brevities - the truth that comes to destroy incarnate (t)error - a vital spontaneous process now a drastic cathartic: visible mutations produced from the integument Cross-purposes of vatic attraction - definitions of form without blending - magnitudes describable by no direction - articulated disjuncts serving as means only In an ignition lag faster than presto, crypto-life outtakes necessary for survival now become de-emphasized forms in which images fail: you may choose to exit the dream @ X Every nonadjacent sequence converges to a limit, an omnium-gatherum montage of paroxysmal seminosis, a telesis of supernatural contagion: thread the warp, reap the signage IV. The star-gait of pilgrims, symbols of resurrection in the vigil light: heresies against making sense & the fact of being by the deadbeat reaches so traversed Obscure recipes thrown in fragments: breech presentations preoccupied with doctrine - independent vectors in any space can be e~pressed as chosen relations of the gestalt mysterioso Luciferian legacies of recombinant light set against the terraced darkness - in the apprenticeship of morning lie fables of dust & dissonance In the requiem of the gleaming, with stardust in the brain and the odor of heliotrope still wafting: the day has its final coagulation V. A clashing of forces or ideas, followed by a kick: dysphoric emphasis where negation is implied, anxiety-driven byzantine rites suggestive of Affliction has been used as a signature - a taste for suffering by the massacre of intaglio souls, suggestive of A high-definition daymare in pieces of rawness: mutagenic nonsense of insincere phrases, content-free hot latex & faux primitives suggestive of The father submits himself to taboos as if calling upon a subordinate deity to expend thunder - as if sinew power might be suggestive of We are beyond the rules of interference when inhalation or nudity are permitted - these pestering particulars suggestive of VI. Lovers parting at dawn, in prepotent marriage with morning - a devotion to the high harmonies as a down payment by natural process - each giving each pursuing in respect to the other Subdominant to the action tonic, tantric rites of augured portion - in waves of emptiness, a precession launched like the last exile of autumn Gravity, in a ritual of galactrous love, played out amidst the philistine soundtracks - the heart in heavy flamage, a valentine thrombosis, a calypso traipse in the shaman's chambers As if the heart were bathed in reciprocity, engaged in linked emoluments of suasive plunder: to survive in the anarchy, one must treat obliquity with respect VII. Without aesthetic combustion, space decomposes as parts of a thing constrain the object - an infraspecific flashpoint suggestive of The anodyne metabolites of sunlight, poetry and music in a syncopy, in a glance of girasole fugue material - quantum deity products suggestive of Form is always lurking in the split image: snag a hunch on the subjective grid - time-sensitive bouts of self-consumption as the exclusionary weathers of pathos evaporate VIII. Appealing to a bathetic taste for curies on the surface of bi-unique attractions - pellucid opacities & tribal identities suggestive of Anal impules are subordinated if the proper orientation is assumed? or is it that clinical syndromes precede the genital stage ... suggestive of Fast for~trarded architecture like rude monoliths of prehistoric debris - self-actualization emporiums provide the toxic shock approximate to vulgar oxidations Culture traits of repressive desires - cycloid personas amped up on rocket fuel - thunderbeings impaled upon ideological inertias - now defenestrated through the judas window Restive imaginings in airbrushed cautenuauling, these twitchings of irritable protoplasm - the lady pharoahs in upscale henna makeovers: more neurotic process being cleared for takeoff IX. Eating and copulating, usually goal-directed behaviors & conventional poses, now combined with leaps & turns suggestive of Flinty suasions in mandibular syncho-mesh - a dissociation from all else - the prominent symptoms of domestic science suggestive of Lowbrow taste feeding upon the anti-realisms of breeding experiments in need of a filibuster - the percolating insanities of the Other: this truly is obscure evolution in friction retard Freedoms provided by digital convergence? or just database residents in cloistered lockup? renegade code-jockeys doped by turbo-diffusive readouts designed to alleviate the grief In unfurled pause, the space between sounds - up the aisles of sonic retreat - airy jazz diction wrapped up in microtonalities - now back-formed into discrete events Dramatic foibles in maudlin display where live support has been euthanized - principles of pandemonia elicit a raging code in the acrid bunghole of invertebrate life This incandescent logos in a collage of intuition's little stir-stik - quenchless texts making for a core disturbance: do make that parody run Limo asylum is not axiomatic when mock-heroic saturations in ersatz bravado milk the Golden Teat to exhaustion: anxiety can be a merciless assailant X. To determine the content of a breath, administer the rite of spontaneous coming: dispose of given circumstances and quit the drone homage Non-syntactic constructs are the propagated disturbance of recrystallized obliquity - the next & last self-destruction may not be satisfactorily explained by Thanatos A night-tranze in this implight, a haiku fire grammer in the duration of this fiery oxidation state: a shadow show existing in ten dimensions ... oracular flames, be my home Metal fatigue becomes like a symptom - becomes like a prime beauty indented by maturity - or like the spoor of a wild mother strain - the art of determining is to trust in magic Cut from the loin of duration, an embarking wind sidewinding across the noon-scape: occurences collide in surface transformations ... the angular extent of propagated disturbance As we blow off the maintain, the nautilus sleeps in its uncertainty of acidic ballast: etymologies of solitude suggestive of