Meow Press Meow Press
Meow Press was established in August of 1993 as a response to the
New Cost festival and also the rapid proliferation of electronic
publishing. In the case of the former, there is the hope that by getting
involved it might be possible to reopen the anthologizing-closure
process set in motion by that fateful gathering; that it might be
possible to exist in a state where the printing of a book of poems
might be - in the tradition of printer-poets such as Lyn Hejinian - an
extension of one's own activity of writing. In the case of the latter,
the romance of making books by hand that utilized the hot carbon
transfer process as ultimately temporal ephemera, yet palpable physical
without too much nostalgia for the Book. An obsessive typography
startup kit.

ANNOUNCING THE SPRING-SUMMER 1996 SERIES Natalee Caple, The Price of Acorn Deanna Ferguson, Rough Bush Hank Lazer, The Lang-Po Dynasty Ted Pearson, The Devil's Aria Stephen Ratcliffe, Signature Lisa Robertson, The Descent Lisa Samuels, Letters Gary Sullivan, Dead Man Robert Duncan, Copy Book Entries (organized by Dr. Robert Bertholf, with cover illustration by Harvey Breverman) $10 ----Coming Soon---- Wendy Kramer, _Patinas_ $6 Aaron Shurin, _Codex_ $6 Meredith Quartermain, _Terms of Sale_ $6 --Now reading manuscrips for the 3rd Anniversary Series.--
Current catalog of Meow Press Offerings: >George Albon, _King_ $5 >Andrews, Bernstein, Sherry, _Technology/Art: 20 Brief Proposals_ $5 >Rachel Tzvia Back, _Litany_ $6 >Michael Basinski, _Cnyttan_ $5 >Dodie Bellamy & Bob Harrison, _Broken English_ $6 >Charles Bernstein, _The Subject_ $6 >Jonathan Brannen, _The Glass Man Left Waltzing_ $5 >Dubravka Djuric, _Cosmopolitan Alphabet_ $5 >Robert Fitterman, _Metropolis_ $5 >Benjamin Friedlander, _A Knot is Not a Tangle_ $5 >Benjamin Friedlander, _Anterior Future_ $5 (New Reprint!) >Peter Gizzi, _New Picnic Time_ $5 >Loss P. Glazier, _The Parts_ $5 >Mark Johnson, _Three Bad Wishes_ $6 >Pierre Joris, _Winnetou Old_ $5 >Elizabeth Robinson, _Iemanje_ $5 (New Reprint!) >Leslie Scalapino, _The Line_ $5 (New Reprint!) >James Sherry, _4 For_ $5 >Ron Silliman, _Xing_ $6 >Misko Suvakovic, _Pas Tout_ $5 >Juliana Spahr, _Testimony_ $6 >Bill Tuttle, _Epistolary Poems_ $5
EPHEMERA SERIES Published in extremely limited editions (number of copies in parentheses) Free with subscriptions and to friends of the press SDDDRTT-123 by Bishop Morda (10) (no longer available) Report on Community by Joel Kuszai (50) Filmic 10 by Joel Kuszai (50) Riven by Cynthia Kimball (100) Barstokai by Michael Basinski (100) 28 for the Road by Kristin Prevallet (100)
A concise history of works published by Meow Press 1st Season: 1993-1994 Michael Basinski, Cnyttan Benjamin Friedlander, Anterior Future Bill Tuttle, Epistolary Poems Elizabeth Robinson, Iemanje Pierre Joris, Winnetou Old Leslie Scalapino, The Line George Albon, King Strike-Shortened 2nd Season: 1994 Rachel Tzvia Back, Litany Robert Fitterman, Metropolis Bishop Morda, SDDDRTT-123 Ben Friedlander, Knot Mark Johnson, Three Bad Wishes Spring 1995 Beginning a fifth season of small press publication, Meow Press is featuring the work of senior Language Poets and many supporting and distorting younger poets both avowing and disavowing the historic literary movement. Also this semester, Meow Press Textbooks makes its debut in the theoretical/academic marketplace. Rachel Back, LITANY Ben Friedlander, A KNOT IS NOT A TANGLE James Sherry, FOUR FOR BEN Dubravka Djuric, COSMOPOLITAN ALPHABET Misko Suvakovic, PAS TOUT (Meow Press Textbook) Charles Bernstein, THE SUBJECT Andrews/Bernstein/Sherry, ART/TECHNOLOGY: 20 Brief Proposals (1984) (Meow Press Textbook)
For more information, please contact:
Joel Kuszai Meow Press P.O. Box 527 Buffalo, NY 14226