BODY POLITIC   28TH MARCH 1996   10:35 A.M.

process of building
blue box soy
so profound: "My, you speak well"

wonderous biogenetics in a friendly
follies unfold the human

hawks eye masks your
youthful mind alive or dormant
dogon temporal cosmological (space)
                (SURRENDER YOU, YOU IDIOT)
ingenious remarks make you sound like a

ask or interrogate shared ground

goya wouldn't think so
so surround yourself with layout

languish spheres working in
insipious issues going on when speaking

saturdays happen everyday, just not here
back to einsteinšs theory of relativity: How did time get       
                                            con  structed?

how we dissect the body objectified
perception is narrow
(k)nowledge has permeated this "global" (space)

        "See that not as fulfilling because other cultures
         push back to read cultural difference is part of
         critical skill we need to understand world theme
         underlining discussion"

dis play euclidean geometry
go beyond textbooks you asshole
a mount expert on points to bring in perspective
10:35.29 a.m.

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