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Windows 95
The Figures
Olé / Imbedded Object
Their Dlls
One Server, One Tablet, and a Diskless Sun
Cache / Caché?
Direct Contact
"There I Never Went Loking"
Gorton's G. & Año Nuevo Laredo
S c r o l l
The Reed Heads
Wits Have Short Memories & Dunces None

Cache / Caché?

Cache: the memory hiding place where
frequently-accessed data is kept.
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vituperation - Dodge Viper - rolling off the embankment -

car racing past roadside screaming "that plant is POISON" vox

populi smoke, belladonna's luxurious rouge herbal rush not

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boiled, early frost rustles on newscaster's cue. A section of

rotini between body and mellifluous brain. Tissue, matter, a

system of electrical impulses defines the undeniable land. For

example, remember riding through the mountain in the back

seat of a car with your leg all in pieces? What was that? That

old ligament of not only was his career growing but he had

fallen deeply in love.