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Rockingham Press

Address: 11 Musley Lane, Ware, Herts SG12 7EN, England


1996 Amphitheatre Bardsley, Wendy Lo 1996 As lords expected Blackman, Roy 1996 Modern Persian poetry 1996 Steeplechase park Nagle, Frances 1996 Windhorse Killick, John 1996 Wounds heal Lightfoot, David 1995 Fotheringhay, and other poems Greening, John 1995 The Iniscarra Bar and cycle Rest Evans, Martina 1995 Last train to Ely Storey, Edward 1995 Numbering our days' illusions Acharya, Shanta 1995 A way of getting through Brockway, James 1994 Earthquake : and other poems Kramer, Lotte 1994 Malcontents Forth, John 1994 Pictures against skin Price, Caroline 1994 Strange estates Rowbotham, Colin 1994 Voices from the dolls' house Geras, Adele 1993 Close to home Wilson, Frances 1992 Fairground of madness : a duet of poems Hope, Danielle 1992 In the drift of words Oxley, William 1992 Modern Turkish poetry 1992 Perspective lessons, virtual lines Bendon, Chris 1992 Throwback : poems towards an autobiography Kirkup, James 1991 A talent for shrouds Fergar, Feyyaz