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Listing Created/Revised: 2/02/97

Salmon Publishing

Specialists in Irish poetry publishing.

Address: Salmon Publishing, Bridge Mills, Galway, Ireland

Senior editor: Jessie Lendennie

Press established: 1985


Kings and bicycles Donovan, Gerard The troubled house O'Hagan, Sheila Above the waves' calligraphy : a collectio Brogan, Patricia This hour of the tide MacCarthy, Catherine Easter snow : an island off Ireland : poet Jankowsky, Peter A smell of camphor Sullivan, Breda There is something Thompson, Kate The bears & other poems Skinner, Knute Moving into the space cleared by our mothe Dorcey, Mary Now is a moveable feast : a poem and drawi Hartigan, Anne Le Opposite walls Monahan, Noel A quiet pint in Kinvara Tillinghast, Richa Strange bedfellows Boran, Pat Tipperary O'Grady, Desmond Walking the marches / Sam Burnside Burnside, Sam Buck Mountain poems Kennedy, Anne The goose herd Cowman, Roz Goddess and witch Higgins, Rita Ann