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Listing Created/Revised: 9/22/96

Title: shuffaloff press

Editor: Michael Boughn
Postal Address: 260 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo NY 14213 USA

		11 Conrad Ave., Toronto ON M6G 3G4

E-mail: mboughn@chass.utoronto.ca

Publications: List of publications with descriptions 

	John Clarke, In the Analogy, Books 1-7. ISBN 1-880631-10-5 (pbk); 
	1-880631-11-3 (hdbk) (Pub. date: Nov. 1, 1996). Poems.

	Robin Blaser, Preface to the Early Poems of Robert Duncan. ISBN 1-
	880631-08-3. Essay.

	Michael Boughn, Iterations of the Diagonal. ISBN 1-880631-09-1. 

	Bruce Holsapple, Observations. ISBN 1-880631-07-5. Poems

	James Thomas, Tokinish (with First Intensity Press). ISBN 1-
	880631-06-7. Poems

	Randy Prus, Ice. ISBN 1-880631-05-9. Poems

	Sheryl Robbins, or, the Whale. ISBN 1-880631-04-0. Poems.

	Lisa Jarnot, The Fall of Orpheus. ISBN 1-880631-03-2. Poems.

	Jorge Guitart, Foreigner's Notebook. ISBN 1-880631-02-4. Poems

	Norma Kassirer, The Hidden Wife (Illustrated by Willyum Rowe). 
	ISBN 9628035-7-X. Fiction.

	David Tirrell, The Half-House Poems. ISBN 0-9628035-5-3. Poems.

	Robert Creeley, Places. ISBN 0-9628035-1-0. Poems.