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1995 Forbidden vision Bouraoui, Nina 1995 Hiroshima forever : the ecology of mournin Perlman, Michael 1994 The hat rack tree : selected poems from Th Stein, Charles 1994 42 Merzgedichte in memoriam Kurt Schwitter Mac Low, Jackson 1994 42 Merzgedichte in memoriam Kurt Schwitter Mac Low, Jackson 1993 Coleridge's Ancient mariner : an experimen Coleridge, Samuel 1993 The wild mother Cunningham, Elizab 1993 The zebra storyteller : collected stories Holst, Spencer 1992 Coat of arms Tysh, Chris 1992 Malcolm : the life of a man who changed Bl Perry, Bruce 1992 Massage : a career at your fingertips Ashley, Martin 1992 The return of the goddess : a divine comed Cunningham, Elizab 1991 Black mirror : the selected poems of Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, R 1991 Call steps : plains, camps, stations, cons Irby, Kenneth 1991 Malcolm : the life of a man who changed Bl Perry, Bruce 1991 Malcolm : the life of a man who changed Bl Perry, Bruce 1990 A form of taking it all Waldrop, Rosmarie 1990 From the desert to the book Jabes, Edmond 1990 Imagine inventing yellow : new and selecte Richards, Mary Car 1989 China Beach Matlin, David 1989 Empathy Berssenbrugge, Mei 1989 Hegel's family : serious variations Waldrop, Keith 1989 Once five years pass and other dramatic wo Garcia Lorca, Fede 1989 Self-liberation through seeing with naked Karma-glin-pa 1988 The flowers of unceasing coincidence Kelly, Robert 1988 The flowers of unceasing coincidence Kelly, Robert 1988 If there were anywhere but desert : the se Jabes, Edmond 1988 The unavowable community Blanchot, Maurice 1987 Let me be Los : codebook for Finnegans wak Phipps, Frances 1987 Music and sound in the healing arts, an en Beaulieu, John 1987 Narrative unbound : re-visioning William B Ault, Donald D 1987 Operas & plays Stein, Gertrude 1987 The secret of the black chrysanthemum Stein, Charles 1987 Tristia Mandel'shtam, Osip 1987 Tristia Mandel'shtam, Osip 1986 The great dimestore centennial Byrd, Don 1986 The hanky of Pippin's daughter Waldrop, Rosmarie 1986 The Joyce of cooking : food & drink from J Armstrong, Alison 1986 Poems plain & fancy Higgins, Dick 1986 Streets enough to welcome snow Waldrop, Rosmarie 1986 Tabula Rasula : being a book of audible vi Rasula, Jed 1985 Being form'd--thinking through Blake's Mil Bracher, Mark 1985 Reverberation machines : the later plays a Foreman, Richard 1985 Talk Boretz, Benjamin 1985 Vicious circles : two fictions & "After th Blanchot, Maurice 1985 The Vienna Group : six major Austrian poet 1985 When the time comes Blanchot, Maurice 1984 Bloomsday Mac Low, Jackson 1984 Small change for the long haul Greene, Jonathan 1984 What the president will say and do Gins, Madeline 1983 Aegis : selected poems 1970-1980 Corman, Cid 1983 Healing fiction Hillman, James 1983 On the cave of the nymphs Porphyry 1983 The Russian avant garde : from the collect 1983 Sounds of the River Naranjana & The tablet Schwerner, Armand 1983 Violence and defiance : a novel Lust, Herbert C 1983 Weather forecast for utopia & vicinity : p Simic, Charles 1982 Altar pieces Rothenberg, Jerome 1982 Egz book of frogs Kamin, Franz 1982 Great expectations Acker, Kathy 1982 Nigredo : selected poems, 1970-1980 Weinstein, Norman 1982 Parts and other parts Stein, Charles 1982 Themes & variations Cage, John 1982 Totems Diamond, Stanley 1981 Art in everyday life Montano, Linda 1981 The courtyard of continuous returning Karlins, Mark 1981 The gaze of Orpheus, and other literary es Blanchot, Maurice 1981 The madness of the day Blanchot, Maurice 1981 Orexis Irby, Kenneth 1981 Sketches for a life of Wassilly Davis, Lydia 1981 Stigma Bernstein, Charles 1981 The Z-D generation Sanders, Ed 1980 Ann Margret loves you & other psychotopolo Kamin, Franz 1980 Horse sacrifice Stein, Charles 1980 Letargo Samperi, Frank 1980 The lich gate Eshleman, Clayton 1980 The Marchen cycle McClelland, Bruce 1980 Something to read to someone Holst, Spencer 1980 White spaces Auster, Paul 1979 The assassination Metcalf, Paul C 1979 The cruise of the Pnyx Kelly, Robert 1979 Giving the lily back her hands Quasha, George 1979 The pronouns : a collection of forty dance Mac Low, Jackson 1979 The river menace Stein, Charles 1979 With ruth in mind Hollo, Anselm 1978 Cloud, invisible air Eigner, Larry 1978 Death sentence Blanchot, Maurice 1978 Drawings & relief sculpture Jaffe, Nora 1977 Distance function Kamin, Franz 1977 Ranger CXXII & CXXVIII Enslin, Theodore