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Stride Publications

Address: 11 Sylvan Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6EW England


1996 A Curious architecture : a selection of co 1996 The playing of the Easter music 1996 When good dogs have bad dreams 1996 William Everson : the light the shadow cas Everson, William 1995 Abyssophone Redgrove, Peter 1995 Between mornings Hayes, Karen 1995 Billy Jenkins, Entertainment USA : the poe 1995 A Clove of gender Murphy, Sheila E 1995 Completing the picture : exiles, outsiders 1995 Lost stations Fontana, Jennie 1995 The rainbow's quivering tongue : an anthol 1995 Stone angels : prose 1979-1993 Loydell, Rupert 1994 At the heart of things : the poetry and pr 1994 Cold flushes Maher, Mary 1994 The horse burning park Robinson, Mark 1994 Improvisations Ramsay, Jay 1994 Quetzalcoatl Cardenal, Ernesto 1994 The stumbling dance 1994 Victory stride the symphonic music Johnson, James 1994 27th & 4th Lax, Robert 1993 Cardboard Troy : poems 1981-1991 Oxley, William 1993 Concentrated ground : selected writings, 1 Hibbert, Martin 1993 The cool eye : Lawrence Ferlinghetti talks Ferlinghetti, Lawrence 1993 Emotional geology : the writings of Brian 1993 The flashlight sonata Sheppard, Robert 1993 Frankenstein's daughter 1993 Intimate relations Hudson, Louise 1993 Jewels & binoculars 1993 Ladder to the next floor : Stride magazine 1993 Private cities 1993 The rain children Grubb, David H. W 1993 The restaurant of mud Beynon, B. W 1993 Tesserae Miller, David 1993 Wild flowers Boyes, Sara 1992 How the net is gripped : a selection of co 1992 Leaving the corner : selected poems 2, 197 Pearce, Brian Louis 1992 A man in his room Pearce, Brian Louis 1992 One foot in the clouds Boswell, Gary 1992 The slack-jawed camel Coldwell, John 1991 Crying for a vision Scott, Steve 1991 Hands on angels Caseley, Martin C 1991 In the mirror of your eyes Tresidder, Jane 1991 The invisible children Jordan, Andrew 1991 Jack o' Lent : headpieces Pearce, Brian Louis 1991 London clay : stories Pearce, Brian Louis 1991 Madly singing Mullan, Len 1991 Mister John Gimblett, John 1991 Pictures of mercy : selected poems Miller, David 1991 Psalm Lax, Robert 1991 Rooster Lax, Robert 1991 Sad isn't the colour of the dream Murphy, Sheila E 1991 Snowfruit Maher, Mary 1990 The Bees knees 1990 Daylight robbery Sheppard, Robert 1990 The fantasy kid Loydell, Rupert M 1990 Fill these days Loydell, Rupert M 1990 Honesty Caddy, David 1990 Paper birds Chisholm, Alison 1990 Ridings writings : Scottish gothic Bendon, Chris 1990 Safe levels : and other poems Lykiard, Alexis 1990 Too far for talk Lucas, Tony 1990 Walking through Wednesday on tiptoe Pitt, Simon 1989 Darkness enfolding : eight stories, 1978-8 Miller, David 1989 High bridges Houghton, Timothy 1989 Imagination and unity & the poetics of pai Miller, David 1989 Kite Boyes, Sara 1989 The least thing : an anthology of Christia 1989 The unsaid goodnight : a poetry anthology 1988 The barbarians stand on the right Palmer, Graham 1988 Dandelions for Mothers' Day Topping, Angela 1988 The live album Wiley, Martyn 1988 Mad Tom on Tower Hill : and other poems Oxley, William 1988 Paper mask Wiloch, Thomas 1988 Puddlescooper Boswell, Gary 1987 A banquet for Rousseau Grubb, David H. W 1987 The beating on the door Caddy, David 1987 Cork memory Bendon, Chris 1987 Decaying orbits Evans, A. C 1987 Decoded chronicles Jordan, Andrew 1987 I scream koans Reeves, Dave 1987 In heaven Jafrate, Keith 1987 The need for unicorns Chisholm, Alison 1987 The pandemonium Stacey, Tom 1987 Passages Calder, Dave 1987 Post from Armageddon Woodrow, Philip 1987 Victoria Hammersmith Pearce, Brian Loui 1987 With house silence Murphy, Sheila E 1986 Above cynghordy Mullan, Len 1986 The girl in the yellow dress Beynon, B. W 1986 Glass bubble Boswell, Gary 1986 Inishfree, Co. Donegal Gimblett, John 1986 Thumb tower Boswell, Gary 1986 Zigzag Hibbert, Martin A 1985 Ancestral deaths Jordan, Andrew 1985 Concrete & Cupid 1985 Dutch comfort : poetry, prose, translation Pearce, Brian Loui 1985 Fade in fade out Boswell, Gary 1985 Fourteen quatrains Louch, E. I 1985 Living in the past Loydell, Rupert 1985 Northern journal Donnelly, Paul 1985 Plain elements Mullan, Len 1985 Shadows and fireflies Loydell, Rupert 1985 Stigmata junction Wiloch, Thomas 1984 Blackbird : a journey Colbran, Dave 1984 Bond Street snatches Pearce, Brian Louis 1984 Bric-a-brac themes Cochrane, Robert 1984 Exosphere Evans, A. C 1984 Garden of the senses Sharples, Alan 1984 In heaven Jafrate, Keith 1984 Islands Calder, Dave 1984 Missing persons Loydell, Rupert 1984 Pictures Cousins, Joe 1984 Stereo soundtrack Ward, Dave 1984 Winter over Nantyglo Beynon, B. W 1983 Ave acton vale : stages in an obsession Pearce, Brian Louis 1983 The mark Palmer, Graham 1983 Romance in the night Feliciano, Jose 1983 Word sculptures Wallis, Keith 1982 Off Cape Oil Pearce, Brian Louis