Tender Buttons New from Tender Buttons Books:

Imagination Verses by Jennifer Moxley

An offset & smyth-sewn paperback of 90pp+ for $8.95
With a Preface by the Author, ISBN 0-927920-07-7

Moxley states. "This, my first full length publication, is a collection of lyrics written over the past five years or so. Some of the work included has appeared in such venues as Object, The Baffler, The Exact Change Yearbook#1, Dark Ages Clasp the Daisy Root and my own magazine, The Impercipient."
If you would like a copy, they are available from Small Press Distribution (1814 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley,CA 94702 USA 1-800-869-7553) or you can e-mail me at the above address (not Poetics) or from Jennifer Moxley at 61 East Manning, St. Providence, RI 02906-4008.

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