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Textile Bridge Press



1992 The blatherskite Walsh, Joy 1992 My trip west Walsh, Joy 1992 Unconditional love : the sapphire poems Khalsa, Siri Naray 1990 Index to Moody Street irregulars : a Jack Basinski, Michael 1990 Life junkies : on our own 1989 Dishes Perry, Marion 1989 The Shadow knew Montgomery, George 1987 Big Ben Hood : a novel Fried, Emanuel 1987 Friendly and flowing savage : the literary Stephenson, Gregor 1987 Spirt of place : South Florida haiku Ellingham, Patrick 1987 Women, flowers, fantasy = Mujeres, flores Albarella, Joan 1986 Elegy for Stanley Gorski Fried, Emanuel 1986 A requiem for sugar Grace, George 1985 Anaesthesia Polkinhorn, Harry 1985 A breaching of the looking glass Hopkins, Michael 1985 I am the Jew Soronow, Morris 1985 On the theme of Chariots of the Gods Fernandez, Raymond 1985 The rank and file Script, Dolores 1985 Walk with me Smith, Dorothy 1984 Body of the work Zuckerman, Ryki 1984 Eleanor, November Markle, Ann 1984 Jack Kerouac : statement in brown : collec Walsh, Joy 1984 Social disease Hopkins, Michael 1984 The wake Cosby, Dee 1983 Box power Dempster, Antonia 1983 Brasswinds and split mouthpieces Houston, Lee 1983 Child of mine Frauenglas, Robert 1983 Curiouser, still: a need for unicorns and Hopkins, Michael 1983 Four old men from opposite sides of town t Houston, Lee 1983 The jungle book Johnson, Bonnie 1983 Mexican heartbeat Stankovic, Ray 1983 Other lights of the city night Zuckerman, Ryki 1983 Seriatim Frauenglas, Robert 1983 Silent screams Casey, Bernie 1983 The wicked old woman Basinski, Michael 1983 The women are called girls Basinski, Michael 1982 Establishing intimacy Perry, Marion 1982 Meshugah and other stories Fried, Emanuel 1982 Skyhawk : for Big Jon Ford, Joan 1981 The fourth man Hopkins, Michael 1981 Indefinite layoff Script, Dolores 1981 Prothalamion, and other poems Semenovich, Joseph 1981 Reflections : then and now Crombie, Mildred 1981 Rheinland market Sax, Boria 1980 Holy hijinks : in memory of Jack Kerouac Joans, Ted 1980 Icarus Perry, Marion