Texture Press
Works published by Texture Press

Jonathan Brannen - Thing is the Anagram of Night
Jim McCrary - Recollection and Overheard
Liz Waldner - Memo (la)mento

Todd Baron - Tell
John Byrum - Secret
Cydney Chadwick - Oeuvres
Cydney Chadwick - Persistent Disturbances
Rillo - Vamos, Varmint
Juliana Spahr - Choosing Rooms
Carolyn Steinhoff Smith - Plain English

John M. Bennett - Just Feet with essays by Jake Berry and Bob Grumman
Edward Halsey Foster - The Understanding
Jefferson Hansen - The Dramatic Monologues of Joe Blow: Only Artsy
Stephen-Paul Martin - Undeserved Reputations
John Perlman - The Natural History of Trees
Mark Wallace - Every Day is Most of My Time

Michael Basinski - Vessels
Cydney Chadwick - Dracontic Nodes
Valerie Fox - Amnesia, or, Ideas for Movies
H.T. (Heather Thomas) - Voiceunders
Gale Nelson - The Mystic Cipher
Thomas Lowe Taylor - JFK : the Adirondack Diary

Susan Smith Nash - My Love is Apocalypse and Rhinestone (published
Thomas Lowe Taylor - The Truth which Lies Behind the Voice of Mr. Ed.

Peter Ganick - Code Zero
Rochelle Owens - Black Chalk: Discourse on Life & Death
Joe Ross - How to Write, or, I Used to be in Love with My Jailor

Christopher Reiner - A Coward's Libretto (published with)
Susan Smith Nash - Toward a Fortissimo of Reading: Thoughts on
Christopher Reiner's A Coward's Libretto.

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