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Listing Created/Revised: 10/09/98
Editorial: Zasterle Press

Postal Address: Apdo 167 - La Laguna- Tenerife- Canary Islands- SPAIN.

Order Address: Small Press Distribution, 1814 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley 94702.

Editorial Statement: A collection of poetry books written by contemporary American poets.

Frequency: 3-4 books a year.


Tom Raworth, sentenced he gives a shape. La Laguna: 1989. (No ISBN) (Out of print).

Jerome Rothenberg, The Lorca Variations I-VIII. La Laguna: 1990. (ISBN: 84-87467-02-04) (Out of print).

Jerry Estrin, Cold Heaven. La Laguna: 1990. (ISBN: 84-87467-05-9)

Ron Silliman, Manifest. La Laguna: 1990. (ISBN: 84-87467-01-6) (Out of print)

Larry Price, No (World Version). La Laguna: 1990. (ISBN: 84-87467- 04-0) (Out of print)

Charles Bernstein, The Absent Father in Dumbo. La Laguna: 1990. (84-87467-03-2) (Out of print)

Carla Harryman, In the Mode Of. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467- 08-3) (Out of print)

Barrett Watten, Under Erasure. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467-11- 3) (Out of print)

Lyn Hejinian, The Hunt. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467-07-5) (Out of print)

Peter Ganick, Immigrant Status. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467-06- 7)

Laura Moriarty, L'Archiviste. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467-10-5) (Out of print)

Kit Robinson, Counter Meditation. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467- 09-1) (Out of print)

Robert Creeley, Gnomic Verses. La Laguna: 1991. (ISBN: 84-87467- 12-1) (Out of print)

Stephen Ratcliffe, Selected Letters. La Laguna: 1992. (ISBN: 84- 87467-17-2) (Out of print)

Ray DiPalma, Metropolitan Corridor. La Laguna: 1992. (ISBN: 84- 87467-13-X) (Out of print)

Javier Coy, Touching Extremes. La Laguna: 1992. (ISBN: 84-87467-16- 4)

Daniel Davidson, Image. La Laguna: 1992. (ISBN: 84-87467-15-6) (Out of print)

Dennis Barone, Waves of Ice, Waves of Rumor. La Laguna: 1993. (ISBN: 84-87467-19-9) (Out of print)

Jack Spicer, The Train of Thought. Gran Canaria: 1994. (ISBN: 84- 87467-14-8) (Out of print)

Alan Davies, untitled. Gran Canaria: 1994. (ISBN: 84-87467-20-2) (Out of print)

Peter Gizzi, Hours of the Book. Gran Canaria: 1994. (ISBN: 84-87467-18- 0)

Ted Pearson, Acoustic Masks. Gran Canaria: 1994. (ISBN: 84-87467-21- 0) (Out of print)

Bruce Andrews, Strictly Confidential. Gran Canaria: 1994. (ISBN: 84- 87467-22-9)

Clark Coolidge, Keys to the Caverns. Gran Canaria: 1995. (ISBN: 84- 87467-23-7)

Leslie Scalapino, The Weatherman Turns Himself In. Gran Canaria: 1995. (ISBN: 84-87467-24-5)

Gil Ott, The Whole Note. Gran Canaria: 1996. (ISBN: 84-87467-26-1)

Nick Piombino, Light Street. Gran Canaria: 1996. (ISBN: 84-87467-27-X)

Allen Ginsberg, Luminous Dreams. Gran Canaria: 1997. (ISBN: 84- 87467-25-3)