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Tour Notes

Must write memo to Omem Tsum: don't incur any expenses in Rucni.
Tragedy at Denword: Mort Sleam drowned in the Ydegrat
Krap park: Nobody liked the name except Ydobon, Dekil, & Eman.
Looking at the Somen was Nemo's idea.
Skip Piks: it is as overrated as Detarrevo.
What Dottie Eittod had written on the Eton note was FUCK KCUF.
"Who or what is Kay Cee You Ef?" asked young Deksa Gnouy.
Stopped at Deppots, ate the world famous Daerb bread, drank
Reebknard beer. Does anybody know why it is called that?
Dear Enil Em (aka Daeh) read me the terrible headline: NO ACCORD
ON DROCCA. What's next? El Birret, Txen, Stahw?
Otta Omirp in "Atto Primo": one more mistake of Ekatsim Eromeno.
On to Noitulos where we expect to find the solution to the Amgine
At Ta-Deyats Edna and E stayed at Hotel Letoh (where De Wercs
screwed Olivia Aivilo).
Going up Rewot Tower, Senhor Rohnes Dias said to Deb Moor: "Is
room in my bed? Si!
Evening at Gnineve. What's here besides the ruins of Ereh
Everyone is going to scream if we go one more time to Maercs or
Rerouted detourer.

In The Morphological Component

Imbalance undernamed disprairie
infragrance unexpressioned dispur
decolor defuckingcolor

antename unspread disamerica



unlilack forecloaked unspiny
aforming foretaken unchicasaw

unnew unfuckingnew unhobble



The Goldsmith Variation

     the garden  hotel
     through a woman & hidden grandmother victorian burning
     was it her real
     looking for eaves  walking
                               in god's laboratory

     & she must name (to finish) millstones
                              has room under the tornado
     transformation through threshing
                              in the octagonal field
     she is in the mastodon town
                                   the next woman naked
               whirls through cattle
     her baby underwater
                         closeted the road
     an octopus transited
                         the dapple-gray girl
     she has fat
                         stones stall
                         her owl turns foul
                                 by sleep
     flame bell
               resort high
                glass meditating
                    calling her down
     eve taps god
     the name shoulder appears
                         up & down orders
                                             first last
                    time garden walks



graven images of babar
in the apartments of babar
have a future and babar
is spherical like pascal


at the beginning
mother & father
created babar
& all the stars


the dancer can't step twice
into the admirable
very admirable
booties of the great babar


plus babar minus babar
do not say such oppositions
can be swung to give a semblance
sweetened wry pragmatic semblance
of an instance of babar


the only way forward
as it now appears
is through misty babar
o seductive illusion
of the absence
of the loving

Greg Chants

who does `you' unnuzzle
next nuzzle un-next nuzzle nuzzle
tines of time [of timy time] in the fork of time forking forking
the anti-anti-communist locks like locklike
knocks like ancient device
knocks the antiknock compound
to the foreground

to subsidize whole of 'it that underlies' press 1
to derive a certain endemic confusion or the signifying
structures with the order of phenomenal cognition press 2
to falsify the content that such questioning
may say abends press 3

if side a mouth side abeef sserp sserp
if mouth spills mouths' pills sserep o sserph
if spills the old devolved watercooler colder colder polo

daddybeat daddydoo mommymeat mommymon the moon
[in actuality la lune]

item angloams crushed darkoams
item telegram
item candygram
item condomgram

once nonce always das fonce
once (huanss) to the right san wan
wherefrom p r )
once to wright (bob)
once to left in deference (robertote)

flight all headed fright fried refritos
faroese farabund fritoes [de-serving]

a kind type category kind of type kind of like kind of like

`i' (noted eye) was without
mercedes sanz "mercy"
"labelle" "dam" (the selfsame dam)

preferences proffering professing
start spangled tanner as I (eye) keep (seep) ('cept) looking
(looking looking looking) loooookin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [forgive

Part II
part two part then part part part part part

*eduardo was at the air
*jose was most cap
*pablo was think
*gloria functed
*carlos maided
*diego restroomed
*elena toothcapped
*guadalupe foreserioused
*manuel leasted
*becquer blued
*frometa mulattoed
there were more _________________ (hint: homeless)


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