Versions of Baudelaire

by Robert Anbian and William Howe


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Translations by Robert Anbian


It is Death which consoles, alas! and Death which makes us live;
It is the goal of life, and the only hope,
which rises like an elixir to our heads and intoxicates us,
and gives us enough heart to walk until evening;

Through the storm and snow, the hoarfrost,
it is the quivering splendor on our black horizon;
It is the famous hotel written of in the book,
where one can eat, and sleep, and sit down;

It is an angel who holds sleep in its magnetic fingers,
and the gift of ecstatic dreams, and who makes up
the bed of the poor and the naked.

It is the poor man's purse, and his old country,
glory of the gods and mystical granary,
it is the portico leading to unknown Skies!


Today space itself is splendid!
Without a bit, without spurs, without reins,
we ride off mounted on wine
toward an enchanted and godlike sky!

Like two angels suffering
an implacable tropic fever,
we follow through the blue crystal
that is morning the distant mirage!

Indolently balanced on the wing
of an intelligent whirlwind,
in a parallel delirium,

Floating side by side, Sister,
we flee with neither repose nor respite
toward the paradise of my dreams!


The beloved was naked, and knowing my heart,
had retained only her vibrant jewels,
whose pageantry gave to her a rich and conquering air
such as belonged, on langorous days, to Moorish concubines.

This world radiant of metal and rock
ravishes me, and when its bright
and mocking noise leaps in dance, I madly love
those things in which sound is mixed with light.

She lay thus, abandoned to love,
and from the height of the couch, smiled
carelessly at my ardor that rose, deep and fragrant as the sea,
mounting toward her as toward a pale cliff.

Eyeing me like a tamed tiger,
she posed with a vague and dreamy air,
and candor, being joined to shamelessness,
gave fresh charm to all her metamorphoses.

Polished with oil, undulant like a swan,
arm and leg, thigh and loins
passed before my serene and clairvoyant eyes;
while her belly and breasts, fruits of my vine,

Hovered, more seductive than Fallen Angels,
to trouble the repose in which my soul lay,
and to lure it from the crystal rock where,
calm and solitary, it had been enthroned.

I thought I saw the hips of Antiope
joined by a new design to a boyish torso,
so that her figure thrust forth its pelvis--
how superb the rouge on this brown and tawny complexion!

--The lamp had resigned itself to dying.
The hearth alone illuminated the room,
and each time it heaved forth a flaming sigh,
flooded her amber skin with blood!

(from "Fleurs du Mal" one of 6 poems banned by French censors in 1857)


How beautiful the sun when it rises up fresh,
hurling at us its explosive good morning!
--How fortunate the one who can still lovingly salute
its setting, more glorious than a dream!

I remember! I saw everything--flower, spring, furrow--
swoon under its eye, throbbing like a heart . . .
--We ran toward the horizon, already late, running faster,
trying to catch one last oblique ray!

But I chased in vain this god who retreats;
Night, irresistible night, established its empire,
black, humid, fatal, filled with shudders;

Smell of the tomb in the swirling dark,
and my timid foot bruising, at the edge of the swamp,
hidden toads and cold snails...


Be wise, my Pain, and clam yourself.
You were craving dusk, here it is, coming down:
an atmosphere of ash envelops the town,
bringing to some peace, to others their fears.

While of mortals the vile multitude,
under the lashings of Pleasure, that hangman without mercy,
goes gathering remorse in the servile holiday,
give me, my Pain, your hand; come this way,

Far from all of them. Look at the dead Years leaning
in old-fashioned robes out of the balconies of the sky;
From the bottom of the sea, a smiling Regret rises:

The dying Sun slumbers under an arch,
and with her long shroud trailing out of the East,
listen, dear one, listen to the fragrant night walking.

Versions by William Howe

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