The document below is a version of the "Call for Submissions" 
which resulted in this special issue of Rif/t.

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Subj:	Call for submissions to RIF/T translation issue
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 22:06:03 -0400
From: Kenneth Sherwood 
Subject: Call for submissions to RIF/T translation issue
Sender: Electronic Poetry Distribution List 
To: Multiple recipients of list E-POETRY 


                  CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

          ----/   T R A N S P O I E S I S   /----


RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose and Poetics

       Dedicated to WRITINGS IN =/= ON TRANSLATION

          |  TRANSLATION--n., 1. expression in another |
          |  language [* see below], systematically    |
          |  retaining _ORIGINAL SENSE_.               |

Somewhere in between the poetic's of transgression & the Transportation Mt.
School, after the small press Revolution, but before the *evolutionary*
mimesis of Virtual Reality, our sense of the "original" would seem to have
been lost.  Along with this went the original sense that one, as writer,
should have been looking out looking for "it".  Perhaps, in the geographies
of poetry, this seerlessness locates us at the transection of
writing-as-translation and translation-as-writing.

TRANSPOIESIS--[change/motion/making].  What would such a poetics of excess
            look like, sound like; what would be the texture of a "TRANS"
                             released from the zero-sum game of one-to-one

With poetic riffs from Argentinian, French, Italian, Mexican,
Serbian, Spanish,. . .  & U.S. experimental writers, RIF/T 4.1
will be less concerned with recovering `foreign' originals for
a representation in English, than with creative, improvisatory
registration of a RANGE of possibilities.  What happens when an
electronic journal thinks to become transnational?


     September 1, 1994 is the deadline for submissions of
     writings in/on translation for the Fall 1994 issue of RIF/T
     v. 4.1. Send text files to or
     mail disks/hard-copy and S.A.S.E to 179 York St., Buffalo,
     NY 14213, USA.


        Editors: Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequen~o Glazier

        Contributing Guest Editor: Ernesto Livon Grosman