Brief technical information:

     An ascii version of Rif/t is sent to e-poetry subscribers.  To be
     added to this listserv distribution, send a one-line email message
     to   The message should read:
     sub e-poetry Your Name
     Chapbook extensions and Reviews are sent as separate files to all
     subscribers.   Some users may need to accept files from their system 
     ("receive" on vax and "rdrl" on ibm).  These and all previous files 
     are available from the Rif/t archive at the Electronic Poetry Center 
     (Buffalo). To explore EPC menus, use a WWW browser to open the URL

     Also available via GOPHER at; use the 
     'search ub wings' option to search for "rift". FTP at \e-poetry; or send "get index e-poetry" to
     listserv, then repeat substituting desired 
     "filename" for "index".

     Questions and comments to