|  TRANSLATION--n., 1. expression in another |
          |  language [* see below], systematically    |
          |  retaining _ORIGINAL SENSE_.               |

          ----/   T R A N S P O E S I S   /----


TRANSPOESIS--[change/motion/making]. What would a poetics of excess look like, sound like; what would be the texture of a "TRANS" released from the zero-sum game of one-to-one correspondences?

Somewhere before the *devolutionary* mimesis of Virtual Reality, our sense of the "original" would seem to have been lost. Along with this went the original sense that one, as writer, should have been out there looking for "it". Perhaps, in the geographies of poetry, this seerlessness locates us at the transection of writing-as-translation and translation-as-writing.

RIF/T 4.1 is less concerned with recovering `foreign' originals into English representations than with registering a creative, improvisatory RANGE of possibilities.