by Peter Ganick  


GANI04.01 and RIFT05.01 copyright (c) 1995. See below for full notice.


porsche inimical
          spaced out
usage of repetition
          tone's melody
the australian wench
          fax monique
this appeal when
          shorn and
fed with


friday this organization
renounces typos

     top crows are playful
     one word
       why the nearness?

respond to issued torrents
that flutter, six items for
the presence of limitations

the day before, the
day, the day after, the day
after the day after

artistes and venture capitalists
hard workers
          already plural


other names cling to the
 brainpan, a sutra
offers lifts, prompts here
less tarpaulin, six copies
for embryonic squeals

slither about the shells
a jamboree thithed to
chalices and ghouls
odd sci-fi data, mellow
 (ordinate) ordinary
caftan poisoned
squirm properly at times


consent to diverge is
the parallax of multiples

the cornered recipe
reverts to a silent nighttime
foraging for echoes
team skill asked

a facet of the collector
pervades animosity to
prior talent
     the weather not
     second daring
to form close-knit
to prioritize entities'
 sole ride


riled, in fact, married to
a tool of corrals, time's pod

experience lands luckIer
 normalizes a rope tire
 collateral imposes echoes

could've expressed
      a dense fabric of
signature, the clerk, riddle
compared outward
     a world orb licensed
     and tampered with

rightly overturned the
 deep-sea real-tone client

jam the statement of wisps
torrents perhaps receipts


 temptation sleeps near
where every happening
swerves to correctness as
blind oceans skim the
fooled tissue, deflected
from perjury, two
chairs inside


to keep aside the mocha
steamers, perhaps they'll
essay a bridge to another's
world somewhere in the 
softness necessary to flee

some inimitable two hours
vamp till roadies nod

news from those affronted
by chestnut (perhaps) songs, 
a divergence of notation such
that songs from thought and 
memory in a fashion are indexed
by real close-mouthed fullness

radiance and subtlety
justified only by 
her retaining consciouness
where acidity is not blunt
as rolls herein too


that sort of license
running out of wall-space

decent applause for house
band, male or female, a 
chopper of vice and leisure

noon by the clock, one
wall cornered by overruns
on process, hopping materials
longeur on the foreclosed


already unmanageable
a rare resource 
caught in new phases

the proper distance
for evaluation to report

rodents and mackinaws
lines to all those persons
leave it to some elsewhere-
finalized thin armaments
in the ocean of mantras

temptation of solid armor

what hails from where!?
mortal entry of amnesty
a band forceps can't
well in to the holiday
an obvious punch becomes
defensive and unending


terminated on the sport
suffer they to prioritize
vast trial-shoves

          on plastic

appreciable         each
 told to scamper       lens
time spun aims at chicory
     oven-ready   why?

challenge the street
commiserate over a new agenda
formless ivory coattails
when lineage places
  one hurt bandoleer
never near tiraliraloo
 tyrolean scalpels
symmetry obtained, west
earth for house, hospital
incapable of coHerence,
tonight overcome for
a stunt receiver


terror / magic
archangel / belief

rottweiler / white noise

 that flux defends

a magician and how feelings 
 show thought
     the armor told prior
     to fend for selfish
orbital walker talker as
than ordinate message

     spaced out
     in wraps


karmic overlord
          tool of
false modesty that
          a receipt
of information always glues

zone of predatory games
the book for a dance
tone one day by error
     total aversions

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