L O O S E   A N T E N N A E 

   			     Sheila E. Murphy


MURP05.01 and RIFT05.01 copyright (c) 1995. See below for full notice.


And Luxury Arrangements of the Shadow

Osmosis panned by juries ropes bystanders into
Cumulative justice (when I simplify I pray 
The lead guitarist orders me around
I think the symphony astonishing without

The woodwinds caught up in their issues
Intonation uncooperative reeds
All assorted outputs linked to nature
In the breezeway of success

An luxury arrangements of the shadow
A feeling grade above this thermometric
Graduation from a pioneering institution
Rubbed with grace notes

Rinsed by pure intention and received
By various contenders claiming to have found
The misfit gold inside suitcases
That always have belonged to them


Robust lengthed eachel wand sashay etcet

Burgeons a worthy lung approx and sandwich

Steets it way forward a drape apart

Corners blast their way out of the street

Rock bleat tock osprey fourtune held to white

Backlash to shine (immodestly)

A grin away from something (yeast or west

Contrived (antici-

Grovel wand wind siphoning and such

Is yum and yarn and fresh canaries

Almum (wonder

Such and so an glyphing far from

Change in pocket hum and drum in pieces

Yeoman portion also five the feeling five

The person five the ceiling five the circuit five

The white lane five (high) blend of

Something with something else something

Portions off controlled (say something

Warm (enough

Zest or miniature sliced

Sideways lovely confidence (the way you often

Were I was she hoped wholeheartedly


Intention (            )

Sleeves, scar(ve)s

     Pawn the act of correspondence.

Majesty wears paws lean (clumsily) as all is
Well.  The sage repeats inducively we then
Believe her (All)

          Corpus bond taut slacks not all beachworthy
          Gaermenture relates to where we suddenly
          Are poised painted and deserving
          Of new cataracts as sudden as the printed wall.

The floggish new mode of transfer slams the phone.

     (This is when my father would invert our celebration.)

I never know what irretrievably I'd done that irretrievably I
could not release.


The Instrument

I watched a mushroom grow to save myself the
trouble of engaging in intemperate ruminations
about power.  My pen knife left at home (no pocket
sewn into a woman's suit), I had only my
concentration, often nicknamed power, to yield
return on my invested hunger.  The pale skin of
the mushroom had been darkened by sufficient rain
that shared surrounding dirt with shriveled skin
of mushroom.  With no thought of writing a report,
I took down thirty-five details, offered them up
for the poor souls.  Religious sects are liberal
with adjectives.  When it was time to follow dusk
to bed, I let the mushrooms back into their
habitat in search of undirected evolution.  Upon
looking at the east postured hotel, I thought about
the room where we had stayed in our home town. 
What a lovely place to stay on with our troubles
hanging from multiplying thereby making the
illusion that things soften to a ledge and help us
hover.  The potential food of the new mushroom
never entered my mind.  How long has it been since
we've been to a movie.  Nothing about life has
stayed the way it was.  On principle I have
avoided medication, even the generic brands.  The
threat of agencies' having the power to swoop down
and capture herbs that we depend on that cost
little to begin appeared unfounded.  I consume
direct portions of sunlight scheduled to soften
earth and poolside furniture.  When rain comes we
return to our normally scheduled broadcast so
there.  Of something breaking possibly unnoticed
through what becomes a slivered opening in the
ground initially a whisper.


The Task of Navigating Winter

Fallen rhapsody assigns the task of
Navigating winter pressed against the
Lips that offer to seem sugar long before the
End of practical amazement pretty much

Alone behind the veil an unknown
Substance reputed to have simulated
Outside faith into the limitless interior
Knowledge written into catalogues that

Fade from skin so what is
Known appreciates in value
Open to the wide expanse of the complex
Unholy symmetry we veil according to a certain

Fate that ordains seamed quiet in
This fruitful arrangement of the the
Meanwhile stars accumulating in the consciousness that has
Been white in its attention to details of breath


Works in Progress

Humility undresses under light
Cross stiched to mean we must acknowledge
Quality wrinkled in culture now synonymous with 
Selves under the pool umbrellas humming

Gratitude if ever mind happens to 
Accost pretense with loose antennae
That declare they want to help despite
The nothing to be done

And there is someone stationed in a place
With too much access to the news wire
All prepared to spill the voice into
A story to be spread across

Landscape that continues
Widening concurrent with the ruminative process
That unleavens all the corners of our past
And nods to works in progress as the only prayer

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