by Juliana Spahr, Lori Lubeski, and Jen Hofer

SPAH05.01 and RIFT05.01 copyright (c) 1995. See below for full notice.



one day
the body acquires needles
cantankerous feet
sores and burns and other marks

			heat hangs

		a cloud or mirror above
		what [we] see as real becomes a question

                                                        lists of locations

						lost child

looking at the body
one forms statements
"the wide world is never enough" one says
"there is an abundance of paranormal activity" a woman calls the newspaper
to exclaim
"roads lead only to hospitals" a man says in his darkening room

[we] cringe upon entering
relatives hate to visit
[we] enter everyday
[we] listen


the body's heat repressive
one climbs across wastelands
contiguous digressions reinstate
		      small plastic tubes

		the seeping of fluid from the knee
			5 pound buckets of tar

	recyclable waste
			             the production of biomedical hazards

asphyxiated by dust
by skin
by just moral habits
an outdate vast convenient plot
some return to this plot to find the answer

others endlessly retire to god
some to satan

this body is different than the body left behind
or the one left alone

it is a terrorist body sharpened
its limbs		whittles lips into
its forlorn shapes	mistakes are made

governments rephrase the calendar
individuals look for plots

a face blemished to thin
remains an image

sunlight			random filtered stains

when whose little cloud is found
				whose cloud
washed up on a sand dune
			a pier

					a street corner
						a room empty of furniture

the party begins and ends
at dusk
whittle shape returns
disease rounds
random filtered stains return

the bed is unmade

small pink sandals beach
this is lost
hospital waste
				hair nets
						monitored liquid

the body dehydrates
				inserts itself
becomes religious during a moment
of vast convenience



"lost," someone says
the ward is not open
during a finite state
during a period of need
of visiting hours repressed
there under
under lost
under listen


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